From California to Paris: The Chic Adventurer

Published 2014-05-19 09:59:29

chic adventurerLeslie Patrick is an American turned world nomad, currently residing in France. She writes about her incessant travels on her blog, The Chic Adventurer.

1. Why did you move abroad?
After I got divorced when I was 29, I felt like I needed a change in my life. I sold my house, packed two suitcases and moved to South Korea to teach English. Since then, I’ve made the switch to a permanent expat lifestyle.

2. How do you make a living?
I’m a freelance journalist focusing on travel, culture and lifestyle. I’ve written for Salon, Travel + Leisure, Islands, Monocle, AFAR, Hemispheres various in-flight magazines and two international versions of Marie Claire among others. I love writing, and being able to work from anywhere in the world is amazing.  

3. How often do you communicate with home and how?
My sister just had a baby late last year, so I try to call home often on Skype to see my little niece!

4. What's your favorite thing about being an expat in Paris?
It’s like living in a cliché! People really do walk around wearing berets and carrying a baguette under one arm.

5. What’s the worst thing about being an expat in Paris?
I don’t speak the language, so that’s stressful for me. Also, Paris is VERY expensive!

6. What do you miss most?
I’m a California girl, which means I miss two things: the ocean and authentic Mexican food!

7. What did you do to meet people and integrate in your new home?
Talk to people in the local cafes and just be as friendly as I could.

8. What custom/ habits do you find most strange about your adopted culture?
People in Paris don’t pick up after their dogs, which I find disgusting!

9. What is a myth about your adopted country?
That French people are rude. I have experienced quite the opposite. Everyone has been very friendly and willing to help me.

10. Is the cost of living higher or lower than the last country you lived in and how has that made a difference in your life?

The cost of living is MUCH higher! Before moving to France, I was living on a small Thai island. My rent has skyrocketed and day-to-day living is astronomically more expensive. I’ve had to simplify and try to make more money.

11. What advice would you give other expats?
Be open-minded! There are always things that will be different from home, but don’t let them stress you out. These differences are the whole reason I moved abroad anyway.

12. When and why did you start your blog? chic adventurer
I started my blog in 2009 as a way to share my adventures with other travel-minded people.

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