Winners of BlogExpat Top Blog Awards - January 2014

Published 2014-01-14 12:58:12

Top Expat Blog Awards - Icon There are so many great expat bloggers out there, writing about this fantastic world and their adventures, we like to take the opportunity to highlight their journeys whenever we can. We currently have 2,025 expat blogs (add yours now!), every Monday our Twitter Round-up shares the best tweets of the week, we feature expat interviews two times a week and every quarter we award our 5 Top Expat Blog Award.

And so the time has come again for our latest awards! These blogs have caught our eye for their ability to demonstrate life abroad (both the good and the bad) and their blog's unique style and charm.

A Girl and Her Travels

polly a girl and her travels

Polly has jumped into the deep end of expat Russian life, marrying "the Russky" after 3 years in Moscow. She shares stories from her life abroad including Observations: Dating a Russian and TEFL in Russia: Q and A. Read her expat interview about life in Moscow, "From the USA to Russia: A Girl and Her Travels"

About her, in her words: "I'm Polly, a would-be world traveler who traveled to Moscow, Russia in 2010 and never quite managed to leave."

Expat Blog:


Peeps From Abroad

Peeps from Abroad

Currently based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Jessie is an expat on the move as she follows her husband around the globe (which she admits is "not a bad gig"). She writes about everything she sees and eats for her fellow expats, government-employed families, food-lovers, or travel-seekers. Find out how her travels started in her expat interview, "From the USA to China to Tanzania: Peeps From Abroad"

About her, in her words: "In my past, I have been a painter, a teacher, an Angeleno, a Brooklynite, a gallerina, a maitre’d, a cheesemonger, a yogi, a poor student, and a wealthy waitress. I have, and always will be, an explorer, a creative, a traveller, a gastronome, a perfectionist, a sandwich-maker, an artist."

Expat Blog:


The Move to America

molly move to america

We have followed Molly in her many steps to move from England to join her husband in America in our Moving Abroad series. Discussing the difficulties of obtaining a US Spouse visa, international shipping and the differences between American and British culture, Molly puts a face on what it is like to move for love. Read her expat interview, "From the UK to the USA: The Move to America", to hear more about how her life has changed.

About her, in her words: "A British woman traversing the difficult and often confusing emigration process, coping with a long distance relationship and one day . . . my experiences of being in the US with the love of my life."

Expat Blog:


Eat Rio

eat rio tom

If you're preparing for a trip to Rio, Eat Rio should be your go-to site. Brit Tom Le Mesurier has become an expert on the Carioca life, marrying a Brazilian and settling permanently in Santa Teresa. Read his tips covering Carnaval to Safety Tips and providing Eat Rio Food Tour. Find out how he found himself in Brazil in his expat interview, From "Winchester to Rio de Janeiro: Eat Rio".

About him, in his words: "Call me what you like – gringo, estrangeiro, expat – one thing I’m not is Brazilian, and I’m OK with that!"

Expat Blog:


Bangkok Girl

Bangkok Girl

Things didn't turn out like Bangkok Girl expected when she moved abroad, but that hasn't stopped her from discovering the city and sharing her expertise on her blog, as well as the comprehensive Bangkok Guide. Find out her best tips for the city and why she moved to Thailand in her expat interview, "From England to Thailand: Bangkok Girl".

About her, in her words: "I am a British expat living in Bangkok, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Big Mango, and other places in Thailand and SE Asia when the opportunity arises."

Expat Blog:


Need tips on making your blog great? Check out our other winners and tips for an outstanding expat blog. To highlight your favorite blog, be sure they are registered within the BlogExpat directory and vote for the best bloggers.

Thanks so much for sharing your stories. Our next Top Expat Blog winners will be announced at the end of March. Write, network, and win!


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