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Published 2014-01-02 10:42:44

Expat Interviews Badge Welcome to 2014! We are excited to start a new year at BlogExpat with even more expat blogs and interview. Currently, we have:

Plus we have over 230 Expat Interviews from around the world in 5 languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Français & Italiano)!

We love featuring all of these expat stories, but what are people saying about us? Many of our expats have been kind enough to share the love and write about our services.

A Quick Word...via Heather Goes to Deutschland

For any other expats out there who are looking for somewhere else to connect with people, check out Blog Expat. Forums like this have a wealth of information for those of us whose sanity might hang in the balance after a trip or two to the foreigner's office, so it's nice to read that there are others out there in the same position!

News! via Sunshine and Tomatoes

Aaaaaaand, not to blow my own trumpet too much, I've also done an interview for the fantastic https://www.blogexpat.com/. You can find the interview here, and don't forget to check out the rest of the website while you're there.

Meditating on Singularities and a Face Full of Mulled Wine: Expat Interview via The Wasted Year

The folks at EasyExpat.com have just spotlighted The Wasted Year and published an interview I did with them a few weeks ago. It’s actually a great little piece of writing, reminiscent of some of my funniest posts. I know clicking through to one more page is the internet equivalent of a ten-kilometer run, so here’s cool, refreshing excerpt to keep you going:

“I sit in a small room full of Hungarian children and babble incomprehensibly to them in English. Quoting the modernists and gesticulating wildly I pontificate on the tortured nature of human existence. I perform dramatic reenactments of Shakespearean soliloquies as they pick at their ears in uncomfortable silence. Then we sing about pizza and draw vegetable monsters for a while…”

Click the button below to read the entire interview; it’s more or less like that the whole way through and, in my opinion, absolutely worth the read.

How NOT To Learn Korean via Sauteed Happy Family

Sauteed Happy Family

So how CAN you learn a language? I recently wrote a guest post for Expat-Quotes, the newest service site for Easy Expat (provider of the blog directory BlogExpat), about my experience learning French as an au pair in Paris. Having moved to France after only two semesters of French class, I was a pretty fresh noob when it came to the language. In my article Five Tips For Learning French, I try to give some helpful advice for learning French, but they can also be applied to any language you want to learn. I won't spoil the article for you (check it out!), but **HINT** being surrounded by the target language at home, life, school, EVERYWHERE does the trick. 

Health, and Expat Quotes via Femme au Foyer

I've decided that a good start may be sharing the advice and kind words that were bestowed on me during my pregnancy, and one of the mediums I have found is an expatriate online resource, Expat-Quotes.

This website has many different categories, designed to help expatriates connect as well as find assistance in everything from obtaining visas to finding a veterinarian, and would have been a valuable resource should we still be in France. It is in the "Health" section that I have found a niche; I invite you to read my article, "Prenatal Care in France" and leave a comment if you find it interesting or valuable. Of course, for my non-pregnant readers, thanks for supporting my writing and I value any feedback.


Thank you all so much for your kind words. Have you posted about our services and we missed your post? Let us know in the comments. Looking for information on life abroad? Ask here or in the forum!

Happy 2014 expats, travelers and adventurers!



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