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Published 2013-09-25 12:06:03

Top Expat Blog Award 2013 EasyExpat seeks to provide all the tools and resources you need to move abroad, but sometimes the best advice is from the people who have been there, done that. Luckily, many expats are happy to share their story and advice. We have featured over 250 expat interviews from our extensive directory of expat blogs. From Europe to South America to Asia, from English to Spanish to French - we've shared your expat stories. The triumphs, the failures, and the joy are all part of a rich heritage of life abroad.

Earlier this year we announced our first BlogExpat's Top Expat Blog Awards and tips for creating a great expat blog. Today we announce this quarter's Top 5 Blog Winners! These blogs have been picked for their ability to translate day-to-day life abroad and their unique expat perspective. Read about their experience, tips, and stories.

Top Expat Blog Awards Winners

Sunshines and Siestas

sunshine and siesta

Cat's blog is an invaluable resource for expats in Sevilla, Spain. In addition - it's a great read! If you are planning to visit, move, or just dream about life in Spain, she provides information that is both personal and practical. She has also lent her expertise to the country guide for Spain on Expat-Quotes with articles covering everything from Getting Around in Spain to Obtaining a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero).

About her, in her own words: "I live in Seville, the capital of the region most synonymous with Spain – land of olive oil, flamenco and bullfighting...There are very few things I don't like about my life here, so picking out my favorite aspect of expat life is tough. What I do love is the sevillano manera de ser – their form of living and being. The people here socialize in the street like it's their living room, so the streets are lively. "

Find out more about Cat in our expat interview with "Sunshines and Siestas".



The Three Under

the three under

Our latest expat interviewee, we have been wanting to feature Farrah's story for a while! With 3 little boys, Farrah seems perpetually on the run in the Netherlands and abroad with great posts like "Parenting Like the Dutch: Why Can't I?". Her family also appeared in an episode of House Hunters International (find out how you can apply here).

About them, in their words: "My blog is a documentation of our life as a twins + 1 family living in Europe, trips and experiences that we endure (ha!) together... Truth is, the boys are always under something, and I'm usually under that."

Find out more about Farrah and her clan in our expat interview with "The Three Under".



Lost in the Pond

Laurence first caught our eye with posts like Fish and Chips: One British Dish That's Easy to Find In The USA in our Twitter Round-Up. Since then, he has regaled us with stories of differences between life in the UK and life in the USA. An occasional stage actor, his easy humor and take on cultural clashes can be enjoyed in every post.

About him, in his own words: "My favorite thing is having a British accent in the Midwest. Happily for me, the locals appear to be under the misapprehension that because I speak “properly”, I am blessed with untold intelligence, charm, and wit. Please: nobody tell them the truth."

Find out more about Laurence in our expat interview with "Lost in the Pond".



Sautéed Happy Family

sauted happy family

Like many young American couples, Vanessa and Dan faced some hard decisions after graduating from college and decided their best course of action was leaving behind their jobs, car and country to move to the other side of the world. They are living like they want to - working together, having adventures, and paying off our student loans in South Korea. In the last year, this decision has been put to the test with pointed questions about the safety. Vanessa and Dan addressed these issues in our article, "Expat Fear: the Situation in Korea". Follow their adventures frolicking about the Korean peninsula, teaching a wild bunch of elementary-age kids, musings about travel and making a home on the other side of the world. Also read Vanessa's piece on Expat-Quotes on her year in Paris, "Five Tips For Learning French".

About them, in their own words: "We're a young, fun couple writing about our wild adventures teaching and living in Korea... featuring our cute cat, Chulmu! If you enjoy English, adorable kids, and general awesomeness, feel free to check out Sautéed Happy Family . "





Aisha Ashraf has an interesting story to go with her name which includes moves from Ireland to England to Canada and marrying into a new religion and culture. She has written poignant pieces about the struggles that come with adopting a new country as well as thought-provoking posts on censorship in Islam, mental health taboos and inter-cultural marriage. Aisha wrote about the unexpected and confounding differences in the English language in her piece on Expat-Quotes, Same language, different ball-game.

About her, in her own words: "Currently in Canada with my husband and three children, I've crossed geographical, cultural & religious borders in a life that reads like an Amazon bestseller."

Find out more about Aisha in our expat interview with "Expatlog".



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