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Published 2013-06-26 14:13:19

Top Expat Blog Award 2013 EasyExpat provides a wealth of information concerning global expats, as well as specialized resources for expat life all over the world. From Expat News to comprehensive city guides to expat forums to FAQs and more.... we provide the tools to help you arrive and thrive abroad.

However, we recognize there are many wonderful resources and continually support other great expat sites and bloggers. Big or small, we want to bring you the most helpful expat sources and give credit where credit is due.

That is why we created BlogExpat's Top Expat Blog Awards earlier this year. We pluck just 5 blogs from our extensive Expat Blog Listings and Expat Interviews that have made us ohh & aww over their unique, funny, mouth-watering, and fascinating posts. We named our first Expat Blog winners in March, and now it is time for our second group of winners!

Top Expat Blog Awards Winners

Traveling Mama


traveling tribe

Everything about the Traveling Tribe seems to be bathed in a beautiful light. As the head of the tribe, Traveling Mama Tina has shepherded her family from Atlanta to Spain to Morocco to Copenhagen. Freelance writer, photographer, language school goodie tushu, and family cook - Tina performs everyday functions with elegance. You can glean some of her effortless style and expat parenting tips in posts like "Raising a Traveling Tribe: Teaching Kids {New} Languages.

About them, in their words: "Our flying House is currently resting in Copenhagen, Denmark where we hope to stay for a very long time. We are planning loads of trips around Europe next year and hope to add plenty of stamps to our passports!"

Find out more about Tina in our expat interview with "Traveling Mama".



Geotraveler's Niche


Lola_Akinmade_Akerstrom geotraveler

A Nigerian transplant to the USA and then Stockholm, Onoaralolaoluwa - or Lola for short - has a knack for taking pictures that make you wish you could see what she's seen. Luckily, you can tag along on her blog or in the many respected publications in which she has been published including National Geographic, BBC, CNN, Fodor's, and many more. She conducts fascinating posts like Interview with a Luxury Hotel Butler in London, Working for National Geographic and Living as a Black Female Expat in Sweden.

About her, in her own words: "To me, travel means listening. Listening to a place - wherever it may be - and trying to understand is as best as I can and respecting it in a way that personally links me to it too."

Find out more about Lola in our expat interview with "Geotraveler's Niche".



You're Not From Around Here, Are You?


you're not from around here

After working for a bank straight out of University in London, Steve decided that holiday trips just weren't enough and left on sabbatical to travel across Central Asia. He's now visited over 90 countries and spends most of his time as an expat in China. To get a sense of his travels, check out his comprehensive, geotagged Map of Posts. Attempt to follow in his footsteps with his extensively researched and endlessly interesting posts, or just pull up a chair and watch through your screen.

About him, in his words: "Highlights so far would be driving along the Silk Road from Beijing to Istanbul, a complete circuit of South America and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica. I'm currently back in Beijing, as a base to visit more of Asia and attempt to learn Mandarin."

Find out more about Steve in our expat interview with "You're Not From Around Here Are You?".



Young Adventuress


Memoirs of a Young Adventuress spain

An expat in transit, Liz began the expat adventure in Spain where she grew to hate the Auxiliar Program in Spain, find herself in blogging, and became addicted to Travel. Her blog continually surprises and entertains with her brutal honesty and refusal to sugar-coat her experience. After "Spain pretty much deported me" (her words), she is about to embark on her next adventure in New Zealand. We know we'll be reading....

About her, in her words: "Whether she is bungee jumping in the Alps to sand boarding in the Peruvian desert to driving a horse-drawn carriage in Egyptian traffic to fighting in a wine battle in northern Spain, Liz sees an opportunity for adventure wherever she travels."

Find out more about the in our expat interview with "Young Adventuress".



The Hedonista


hedonista sarah

Delighting reader's with her pictures and stories of food and travel, Sara can make your tummy rumble with descriptions of eating out in Dubai, Culinary Travel, and peeks into her kitchen. This Aussie is living the high life, but is kind enough to take us with her as she eats and drinks her way through the finer things from Doha to Provence.

About her, in her words: "Every meal is an experience for me. I eat out at least twice a week, cook with shortcuts and no shame, and organise my travel around my belly". 

Find out more about the in our expat interview with "The Hedonista".



Next Top Expat Blog Awards

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