Expat Twitter Round-Up: April 29th, 2013

Published 2013-04-29 12:04:58

Twitter bird on globe Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about the world around them from local, everyday happenings to major international news. We have collected some of the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

3 Tips for Successfully Moving Abroad with Children http://insidersabroad.com/spain/blogs/expat-blog/posts/3-tips-for-successfully-moving-abroad-with-children #expat #tips by @familyinspain

10 Things to Do in Your First Week as an Expat in America http://www.bbcamerica.com/mind-the-gap/2013/04/23/10-things-you-should-in-your-first-week-as-an-expat-in-america/ by @RuthMargolis

The Millennials That Want to See the World http://abcn.ws/10mKr1G

Is moving abroad the right choice for your kids? http://www.movemeabroad.com/2011/06/is-moving-abroad-the-right-choice-for-your-kids/

An expat's view of home - Pt 1 http://bit.ly/Z6JgrF & Pt 2 http://bit.ly/11FgHBd #RATW #expats #travel

In my latest Podcast I talk with an accountant who specializes in expat Americans and their tax reporting - http://j-s.me/ng

Find out what’s on our Expat Bucket list! http://t.co/03bAvhsoq0

How I Escaped North Korea - North Korean defector living in NYC taking questions : http://gaw.kr/kwc7Spl

What Can We Learn About American Culture From Captain America ? http://t.co/UUJeTCAl26 #intercultural #expat #American #Culture

The Great British class calculator: What class are you? http://bbc.in/12acLLV

How to get an English teaching job in Japan by the Rhyming Gaijin (@Rhyminggaijin) http://youtu.be/2l15-Wa3naA

NEW POST - The Ex-Pat Partner: what happens if you really don't want to go? http://t.co/RmJUJoY5Jf #expat #expatpartner #trailingspouse

What I've Learned Since Picking Up and Moving to America From London http://jane.io/11fpgB8

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat in Korea
How NOT To Learn Korean http://www.sauteedhappyfamily.com/2013/04/how-not-to-learn-korean.html

Expat in New York
The New Couch Came and Someone’s Been Furniture Shopping~Harlem Style http://www.amotherlife.com/the-new-couch-came-and-someones-been-furniture-shoppingharlem-style/#more-8565

Expat in Oss, Netherlands
Probably my most embarrassing yet most awesome Dutch grocery store experience. http://goo.gl/0npTp #Netherlands #expat

Expat in Berlin, Germany
weekend http://goo.gl/fb/R5QEb

Expat in Melbourne
Photo: Sydney vs San Francisco? Really? How do they compare? Is it just me? Take a look for yourself and... http://tmblr.co/ZI0TAwjoUGRi

Expat in Rome, Italy
New Post on gillian's lists: Tourist Trinkets {Sardegna} http://www.gillianslists.com/2013/04/tourist-trinkets-sardegna.html?spref=tw

Expat in Buenos Aires
My blog post on learning a language http://emmalouadventure.blogspot.com/2013/04/language-learning-tips.html?spref=tw

Expat in Viña del Mar, Chile
Thoughts on the Word "Expat" http://wp.me/p3cx6o-6x

Expat in Roeselare, Belgium
Snowy Salzburg, Austria and a gondola ride! A great way to spend a weekend! http://livelifelikeabestseller.blogspot.com/2013/03/salzburg-austria-gondola-ride.html?spref=tw

Expat in Bermondsey, United Kingdom
How the London Marathon inspired me. Oh, the places we will go: London Marathon 2013 http://www.selenatheplaces.com/2013/04/london-marathon-2013.html?spref=tw

Expat in St. Petersburg, Russia
Affordable Medical Care in Russia 2013 http://t.co/t7r2hRqAEo

Expat in the Netherlands
Queen's Day In The Netherlands (new post): Going Orange! http://t.co/bdAauMAQLb #expat #whatsthefuss #netherlands #royalty

Expat in Buenos Aires
Sometimes, if you’re lucky and unlucky, you fall in love. I didn't fall in love. I fell in mate. http://fb.me/1gbsPAI3h

Traveler/Expat in Spain
Barcelona's Crystal Paradise ~ Cristalljoia http://wp.me/p23IO0-eW


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