Best-of 2012: the worst emails received

Published 2012-12-18 09:56:18

Just before Christmas, and to finish this year, we are publishing for the third year the EasyExpat Best-off list for the funniest or most bizarre emails we have received in 2012.

We remind you that EasyExpat is a list of city guides for expatriates, host a public forum for the community and free services such as job listing, classifieds, general articles on expatriation (FAQ), directory of expat websites. Apparently some Internet users did not understand it!


You will understand that the goal is not to mock but just to relax and take it easy during the festive season.

Of course, spelling mistakes were not corrected but names and personal details have been replaced by XXX, or deleted.

Worst emails in English

hi  im artist i have painting from 10 euro to 2.000 and more  
profesional painting master in art
my problem is that  i like to worck home and do art  can you propose me one profesional sale painting menager?

We are looking for an Au-Pair Agency to make a joint venture. Would you kindly think for it?
Kathmandu, Nepal

plz confirm my visa valid or not no- is-2325XXX

Dear Sirs:

For business reasons we need a flat or house in Miami possibly near Aventura, Northwest 7th Avenue, Miami.

The place must be composed of: two bedrooms with 2 single beds (not double) and two bathrooms, kitchen, small living room.

We need it from mid-January to mid-April (three months).

We don’t need a vacation home, since we are a group of 3 workers, we just a need a clean and nice place. Could you please provide pictures and monthly price?
Thank you

Hi.. good day.. Maam/Sir, I want to apply as an aupair in your in your agency. I am MXXX XXX, 24 years old, single and has no child. just want to ask for the requirements.. enclosed here is my resume.. Thanks.


We will appreciate if you can be of assistance to us as regard to some flights we want to book for some of our officials.
We will want the services of an agent that can give us an expeditious service to enable us to be able to meet up with some activities we have lined up for them and at the same time offer us the best advise as regards to pricing ad airlines.

Please do get back to us with the fare quote as follows:

Departure date 30/12/2011
Return date 2 WKS
Economy Class

2, ACC / SIN / ACC
Departure date 25/12/2011
Return date 2 WKS
Economy Class

We will also want you to advise as regards to the faster payment method which is the major credit card payment method to enable us get our tickets issued and confirmed the same day as this will help us meet up with time and most times short notice travels.

Because it is more faster and I don't have to wait for long process. Kindly reply ASAP and do let us know the best price for this route.
Looking forward to hear from you

Dear Mrs. or Mr.,
My clients (4 persons) would like to stay in Italy, Milan city on April from 20th to 23rd . It should be a city center or 3 - 5 km near by. The price could be 800 - 1200 EUR for 3 nights. Apartments / flat / studio .
Please answer as soon as possible.

Thank You,

I would like to know how I can put my password and username?

do you guys have a direct line to customs  USPS in Rio DE Janeiro  we are trying to see if a guy receive his package..

Can you tell me when my item will be delivered please

I want to make a reservation in your facility for me and my wife we just got married and our arrival and check out date are listed below:
Arrival Date :04th Aug 2012
Departure Date:12th Aug 2012
Number of guest:2
Kindly confirm availability and get back to me with the total cost so we can pay a deposit so that the rooms will be reserved for them,am waiting for your swift response.

Dear Manager
We are factory and product Hardware Plastic PTFE Garment etc etc.
Our factory passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
You can visit our factory,welcome to negotiate business,Quality and Integrity is our life.
I am waiting for your kind emails. Your promptly reply is highly appreciate!

My name is Ilona and I'm in Madrid until the end of August.
My level of english is A2. Could you please let me now if you have any evening courses starting next week that I could join?
Many thanks

Good day,
would  a officer of your company, who  takes care about packing, chack up for a small package:
sender"s address
Stockholm  XXX
receiver"s address:
Sofia XXX

cencerly yours

hello...  im marouane from tunisia  i work in hotell animation and i play profesional foot bool i wanna ask about contact for work  and thnkx

I'm trying to locate a friend who was traveling aug 21 who is suppose to be helded in customs can you tell me if he is being held George agor and jordan agor ther in amsterdams custom

Can you please quote me for a single trip.  My husband and I are leaving Menorca on 27th February returning 14th March.  We have flights booked from Barcelona to Cairo for a Nile cruise. We return to Barcelona on 12th March.  If the single trip can only last up to 14 days we would like cover for the Barcelona-cairo return journey.  I.e. 27th February to 12th March
Thank you

How are you?
I need you check the quotation for the next shipment.
The customer is interested in the DCM -120 you quoted us before.
And your best price for all the products.
Thank you very much.

I am an american and will not be in the usa during the elections tell me what to do

Having gone through your listed products, we offer great interest to do a purchase agreement with your company. Please get back to us with the following information
Please Quote.
1. Prices FOB
2. Payment terms
3. Delivery Period
5. Specified delivery date assuming from the Date of Order.
Please your quick reply will be highly appreciated

I want to book a taxi for my colleagues coming to your area in your country on the 4th of November 2012.
Reservation Details:
Date:  5th - 25th November 2012.
Duration: 8 hours daily, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for 3 weeks.
Distance: About 150KM each day
Number of persons: 4 adults.
 Kindly email me if you have availability for these dates. Send me an estimated total cost and also tell me the areas you operate in your country.
I await your response.

Dear Madam / Sir,
Please give me a quotation for a transport from Birmingham to Athens and  Birmingham to Larnaca for the following:
1) One  box measures 17ins.x12 ins.x6 ins. and weighs about 2 1/2 kg.
2) One  package,  a large plastic bag which measures 24ins. X 20ins. x 5ins. And weighs 2 1/2 kg
3) Box 17 1/2 ins. x 12ins. x 10ins. and weighs 2 1/2 kg.
Kind Regards,

Dear Sir Madam ,
I am Babak and I have sent nokia mobile phone from
india to Germany with this carrier number (er09xxxxx62in ) 1 month ago but because of some
restrict law the post office didnt release my mobile and they didnt give to my friend ,so please return back my mobile to India ..
why you keep my mobile phone in frankfurt post office ?...

Les pires emails en Français

Bonjour, mon frère est en école de commerce au Havre et doit effectuer un stage de mai à juillet 2012.
nous (ma mère et moi nous trouvons en Guadeloupe) et il est difficile pour nous de gérer les choses à distance. De plus, ma mère ne manipule pas l'outil internet.

Pouvez-vous contacter cette dernière au numéro suivant? 0690XXX. Merci

J'ai l'honneur de venir auprès de votre personnalité  demandé une aide de bourses d'études, dans l'établissement dont vous est confié responsable.

En effet, je suis un diplôme d'état,  Option: Chimie Biologie; par manque de soutiens je n'est pas accède aux études supérieur. C'est pour quoi je viens vous demander cet aide. Je crois que vous ne manquerez pas répondre a ma demande.

Veuillez agréer Monsieur l'assurance de mes sentiments distingues.

je suis etudaint en dt informatiqé  et dts gestion des entreprises.j'aimerai freqenté ds votre etablissemnet.donc pouriez m'aidez à la procedure d'une inscription.

Bonjour, Jaimerai savoir ou en est ma commande car cela fait une semaine que j'ai payer et n'ai encore rien reçu ! Alors a savoir si je vais bientôt recevoir ou sinon Jaimerai etre rembourser . Merci

Bonjour Madame ,Monsieur,
Nous vous  faisons parvenir ce message pour une demande d'ouverture de compte client au sein de votre entreprise.
Pourriez-vous nous faire parvenir la liste des documents à vous faire parvenir ainsi que le formulaire d'ouverture de compte pour un règlement à 30 jours net.

pourrais je svp avoir la liste des prix 2012 des cours d'anglais et aussi les information d'accommodation.  Aussi toute les informations pour s'inscrire à votre école merci

Mesdames et Messieurs,
Nous CAISSE  NATIONALE DE SECURITE  SOCIALE  XXX, venons auprès de vous pour  vous demander  la participation  de (4) quatres de nos cadres pour une periode de 3 jours. Cette mission s'inscrit dans le cadre du renforcement de nos capacités en matière de la gestion de protection sociale en XXX. A cet effet nous comptons sur l'apport  de votre institution pour  perfectionnement de notre institution.
Les  frais de missions et y compris le sejour  en espagne sont à la charge de la caisse nationale de la securité sociale en guinee conakry, nous souhaitons que vous reteniez  les  dates du 25,26 et 27 Septembres, si cette  date  ne vous convient  pas vous pouvez nous en proposer la date de la mission qui vous convient.
Nous allons vous transmettre  la liste  des('4) cadres , après l'acception de notre  proposition envers votre institution, afin que vous nous envoyer  les lettres d'invitations aux noms de ces personnes.
En attendant  une suite favorable, nous savons compter  sur votre bonne compréhension.

Peggiore e-mail in italiano

vorrei  vivere,   lavorare,  all'estero, dove ce  il lavoro.

Peor de los e-mails en español


Worst-Mails in Deutsch

Guten Tag und zwar hätte ich eine Frage : Ich habe zwei russische Bekannte die nun seit kurzem in Luxemburg leben und unbedingt schnellstens deutsch lernen wollen um sich beruflich zu steigern. Wir sind auch bereit Privatunterricht anzunehmen. Würde mich über eine schnelle Antwort sehr freuen und ich bitte sie gleichzeitig um ihre Telefonnummer. Bedanke mich im vorraus.


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