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Published 2010-11-01 19:10:17

Bryan - Norman from (Singapore) has answered our questions below.

1- Company - City - Country : - Singapore

2- On which economic sector are you acting and what is its advantage?

Our company caters to expats from anywhere in the world who are relocating, or who have just relocated to Singapore, regardless of economic sector. For detailed information, please see

3- Can you talk a bit about your company?

Singapore is a major ever-growing hub for countless multinational companies from where they engage Asia. As such, the expat community here is continuously expanding. Being an expat myself, with over 10 years' experience, I'm in an ideal position to share my knowledge with other expats who have just moved here.

4- Can you talk about your activity(ies)?

Be it finding suitable employment, applying for a work pass, suggesting a comfortable home to purchase or rent, or recommending a good school for the kids, we can assist fresh off-the-boat expats interested in jump-starting their settling down process with the entire spectrum of relocation and integration procedures.

5- Do you offer additional services?

Yes, we do. In fact, if you're only looking for accommodation in Singapore, I've permanently teamed up with a full-time fully certified property agent, Mr. York Sim, who will streamline your search for your dream home. Tell him your wants and needs and he will convert these into a listing of potential homes that we will then go and view, giving you the opportunity to select your favorite.

6- What is the profile of your clients?

Anybody, whether self-employed or employee, thinking of relocating to Singapore for 6 months or longer, can benefit from our services, irrespective of country of origin, age, industry or background. In most cases however, to be able to be approved for employment in Singapore minimum B.Sc. is required from a reputable provider of tertiary education. Obviously, fluency in English is a prerequisite, although Mandarin and Malay will be considered.

7- When should expats-to-be get in touch with you?

The moment an employee finds out he or she will be posted to Singapore, it's a good idea to contact me. I'll pass you my fool-proof check-list that takes you, step-by-step through all the dos and donts that are part and parcel during a relocation to Singapore. So long as you follow this script, you'll never have that nagging feeling that you forgot something.

8- Before the relocation process has started, how does a soon-to-be expat become acquainted with the various formalities that need to be followed in Singapore? Is there a way to do research?

Yes. Our comprehensive website,, gives you a great impression of what to expect when you arrive in Singapore, the situations to watch out for, and generally what to do and not to do in this Asian country. Our site also has a lot of tips and tricks that will help you ease into your new life. It's a fun way of doing some homework so you'll be as prepared as you can be even before you get on the plane.

9- Can you speak about your service and the difference regarding competitors? Are all the product offers specific to you company?

My service's forte is the fact that I am an expat myself, that I once was a fresh off-the-boat expat. I went through the trials and tribulations that a neophyte expat invariably runs into, the countless formal procedures to follow correctly, the seemingly unbearable heat, the unfamiliarity with "Singlish", the local cuisine or Singapore's topography, basically, the way it can all be a little overwhelming when, against this back-drop, you also need to look for a suitable home, a good school for the kids, and of course find some time to settle down. It can get quite stressful. But you can dial down the stress level considerably if you let me share the countless short-cuts with you that come with my experience and know-how. I'll leverage my accumulated network and knowledge, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Email me now or call me on +65 90079345

10- What is your activity on the Internet?

Apart from our comprehensive website on most of our correspondence is by means of the Internet, i.e. email, Facebook, MSN chat, etc. Naturally though, we still use the telephone when this is more appropriate of when preferred by our clients.

11- What discounts could you offer to our readers?

Expats who are referred to through will receive a 10% discount on all services. This special offer is be valid until the end of June 2011.

12- Contact

Bryan Norman
Renting in Singapore
62 Bayshore Road
#03-02 Pearl Tower
469983 Singapore
Tel: +65 90079345


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