The Kunstenfestivaldesarts takes over Brussels from May 7th to 29th

Published 2010-04-28 16:07:32

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts’ 15th edition is about to start in Brussels, offering an international program and taking place in dozens of welcoming theatres and art houses for 3 weeks in May. It will, this year again, feature performing arts and visual arts, by Dutch- and French-speaking, Western and non-Western artists.

The KunstenfestivaldesartsThe Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a festival dedicated to new creations, intended for artists with a personal outlook on the world and spectators willing to question their own views, a cosmopolitan city festival. We are increasingly becoming part of a complex network of communities that cross and redefine national, linguistic and cultural borders. The city is the environment “par excellence” in which this cosmopolitan society can be seen.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts takes place in Brussels, the only city in Belgium where the country’s two largest communities live together. Several Flemish- and French-speaking institutions are involved in the project. Fundamentally conceived as a bilingual undertaking, it contributes to encouraging dialogue between the communities living in the city.

Discover over thirty new works, most of which have been coproduced by the festival.
Listen to what they have to say, here and now, and through them take stock of the times in which we live.


In over 30 different places, but the festival’s centre is set in KVS BOL, Lakensestraat 146 Rue de Laeken (1000 Brussels). You can buy your tickets and gather information there.


From May 7th to May 29th, 24/7!

For more information

  • check our website:
  • Or call the box office: +32 (0) 70 222 199


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