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Published 2009-02-10 21:21:42

BlogExpat logoEventually the long waited new version of BlogExpat has come to life.

This free blog service has become a directory of expat blogs, open to any blog of people living abroad. This is an exciting new feature and it will complement perfectly the information on EasyExpat.

You can immediately add your expat blog in the BlogExpat directory and help us grow the expat community.

Now you can search all expat blogs around the globe or classified by categories in our directory.

We are certain that many of you will register in the coming weeks and will increase the growing expat network in the world.

If you don't have a blog yet, you should open one on our free blog platform. Because if you live abroad, are expat, back-packer, au pair or just on the road, you might want to share your experience and your comments with others, highlight the cultural differences, your political ideas...etc. The blog will allow you to easily display pictures of your life abroad and podcasts.

In addition, by creating your blog on BlogExpat, your latest posts will automatically show on our summary page amongst all the most recent news abroad.

How to create a blog on Blog Expat? Nothing is easier! It starts here. Choose a name and a layout. Start publishing your articles. It's simple and totally free! With Blog Expat's blogs, you can make your own templates and customize your blog to your taste and your colours.

Last but not least, you can add our logo with the appropriate colours to your blog (we've done this on the right hand side column of this blog) and show you're definitely part of the expat community ;-)

Enjoy and spread the word.

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