Festivals in Europe this October

Published 2008-09-24 23:05:23

Autumn Festival, Normandy, France
19th October – 30th November
The Autumn Festival in Normandy features top productions in theatre, dance and music. It presents 60 performances in cities including Dieppe, Rouen and Le Havre, as well as smaller towns like Le Grand-Quevilly and Montivilliers. Highlights of this year's event include homage to all things Argentinean with a carte blanche to Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus.

Eurochocolate, Perugia, Italy
18th - 26th October
If you’re a chocolate lover, this is the place to be. This is Europe’s most popular chocolate festival and has made Perugia the chocolate capital of Europe. For nine days, this town transforms itself into a huge open-air pastry-shop dedicated to chocolate lovers from all over. But not only do you get to indulge in chocolate, you’ll also learn everything there is to know about the "food of the gods". Give in to your sweet tooth, head for the Eurochocolate.

Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt, Germany
15th – 19th October
This one’s for the book worms. It’s claimed to be one of the most famous book fairs in the world.

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
20th September – 5th October
This is the ultimate homage to beer. When one thinks of Oktoberfest, images of crowded beer tents, huge beer mugs handled by big bosomed women in drendils and men in lederhozen come to mind. All of which is true. But no words can truly describe the experience of thousands of people crammed in a huge carnival atmosphere enjoying the lively Bavarian music and its equally popular brew. Each year over six million visitors throng to the Oktoberfest to be part of this heady experience. Be part of the 175th year celebrations this year.

Seafood Festvial (Fiesta de Exaltacion del Marisco), O Grove, Spain
3rd -12th October
As the name itself suggests, this is the place for sea food lovers. Indulge yourself and pick from a mouth watering array of mussels, clams, langostines, prawns, scallops, oysters, lobsters, crabs and of course fish! This festivals attracts over 200,000 seafood lovers from all across Europe and is supposed to be the place for the best seafood in Europe.

Wigstöckel, Berlin, Germany
2nd – 5th October
This is an event that attracts crossdressers and transgendered people from across Europe. It features an entertaining show and is guaranteed to be an interesting experience – whether or not you’re in the crossdressing scene.

Budapest Autumn Festival, Budapest, Hungary
10th – 19th October
The Budapest Autumn Festival showcases performances by some of the most significant progressive artists from all genres. The events aim to provide exposure and recognition for new Hungarian artists.

Wexford Opera Festival, Wexford, Ireland
16th  October – 2nd November
This is a small but perfectly formed and well respected festival featuring premier opera performances. This is the 57th year that the festival has been around and highlights of this year’s performances include The Snow Maiden by Snegurochka and The Mines of Sulphur by Richard Rodney Bennett.

Please note that there may be changes to the dates, events and line-ups at the festivals. For detailed information, check the official websites.

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