Top Spring Festivals in Europe this June

Published 2008-06-02 17:23:58

Spring is in full bloom and summer holidays are just around the corner. For those of you who are looking out for fun ways to spend this June, here are a couple of my favourite festivals all over Europe.

International Festival of Music and Dance, Granada, Spain
20th June – 6th July

Set against the jaw-dropping architecture of the Alhambara, the international festival of Music and Dance is a must visit for anyone who loves music with a generous helping of exquisite architecture. The city of Granada comes alive during the festival and the streets are filled with guitarists, Flamenco dancers and music lovers from around the world. Music ranges from the classical to world music. Definitely worth a visit.

Music Festival, Paris
21st June

Fete de la Musique or the Music Festival in Paris is a fantastic way to enjoy free cheer in the city of lights. Hundreds of musicians gather in cafés, streets, bars to show off their skills to obliging locals and tourists. An air of camaraderie and merry-making pervades. Performances include everything from jazz to hip hop, rock to classical.

Kiel Week Sailing Regatta, Germany
Last full week of

If you love sailing, this is the event for you. Kiel Week is an annual sailing event held in Kiel and is the largest sailing event in the world. The party begins on the Friday before the official opening of the event with Soundcheck, a music festival with stages all across the city. The event boasts of international competitors, renowned regatta and non-stop celebrations.

International Viking Festival, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
12th -18th June

This Viking Festival takes place annually in Hafnarfjordur, a small town near Reykjavik. This is a chance for Vikings both native and those visiting from abroad to get back to their roots. The festival is a fun way to take a peek into the Viking lifestyle. You can pick a fight with burly Vikings, check out ancient arts and crafts and enjoy a traditional Viking feast. Too much schnapps? No problem, crash at one of the hotels nearby.

Kuopio Dance Festival, Finland
12th – 18th June

This is the oldest and most extensive dance festival in the Nordic region. It boasts of classic premieres, over 100 dance events, courses, performances, club nights and cruises.  Time to put on those dancing shoes and head north.

Glastonbury Festival, England
27th- 29th June

This is an annual festival of music, dance, theatre, cinemas, circus, poetry, food and an overall celebration of life. An entertainment-packed three days but book in advance to make sure that you’ve got a spot on this hot ticket. Find out more and reserve your tickets here.

Please note that there may be changes to the dates, events and line-ups at the festivals. For detailed information, check the official websites.

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