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Published 2008-04-23 07:40:50 Oktoberfest Germany has long been a shrine for beer lovers from around the world. Two of the biggest and most popular beer festivals in the world take place in Germany. The most popular is Munich’s world renowned Oktoberfest which strangely enough takes place in September. The second most famous beer festival is the Stuttgart Beer Festival. There are officially two Stuttgart festivals, one in spring and one in autumn. And here’s the good news – the Stuttgart Spring Festival is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at these three big and happening places to be if you enjoy guzzling gallons of your favourite brew.

Stuttgart Spring Beer Festival

This is an annual fair that will be taking place in Stuttgart from April 12th to May 5th this year. It will be happening in the traditional fair grounds of Stuttgart’s Bad Cansstatt district. This is a slightly smaller version of the autumn festival but none-the-less, it’s big enough to attract the attention of beer lovers from across Germany and Europe.

Some of its key attractions are its live bands, huge Ferris wheel, roller coasters and of course the unending flow of freshly brewed beer. All in all, a fantastic way to get ready for the beer season.

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Stuttgart Autumn Beer Festival

This is the second biggest beer festival in the world, second only to the Oktoberfest. This year, it will be taking place between September 26th and October 12th in Bad Canstatt, Stuttgart. This festival, also known as the Bad Canstatter Volksfest started in 1818 when King Wilhelm 1 sponsored the festival after years of hunger. Today, it attracts millions of visitors and houses seven huge beer tents.

Key attractions include the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel, tons of roller coasters and rides, the French village where visitors enjoy a touch of French food and music, a grand parade which traditionally takes place on the first Sunday of the festival, fireworks on the 3rd October (which is the German Reunification Day) and of course, an unending supply of beer.

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Oktoberfest, Munich

When one thinks of Oktoberfest, images of crowded beer tents, huge beer mugs handled by big bosomed women in drendils and men in lederhozen come to mind. All of which is true. But no words can truly describe the experience of thousands of people crammed in a huge carnival atmosphere enjoying the lively Bavarian music and its equally popular brew. Each year over six million visitors throng to the Oktoberfest to be part of this heady experience.

This year the Oktoberfest starts on September 22nd and offers its visitors a rollicking time till the end on 7th October. Key attractions include live music, costume parades, fun fair rides and roller coasters and an open-air music concert. If you’re looking for an experience you’re not likely to forget, head for the Oktoberfest this year.

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