INTERVIEW: Financial Coaching - Paris, France

Published 2008-02-18 18:46:35

Carmen - Financial Coaching - Paris, France

Carmen is managing a company in Financial Coaching, dedicated to expatriates and individuals in France.


City - Country:
Paris - France

On which economic sector are you acting and what is its advantage?
My activity is devoted to Financial Coaching (advice) for individuals. The advantage is that my services are tailor-made.

Can you talk about your activity?
I’m sure that Financial Coaching can be useful for expats since French legislation for real estate (de-fiscalisation), and the French "financial" system itself may be complicated for a person who arrives in France to spend only a few years.

In my opinion, my services enjoy two clear competitive advantages:

  1. I can propose them in English.
  2. I am completely committed to my client: to his/her concerns and ambitions. Together we define a financial strategy in order to meet his/her objectives. Our action plan is based on his/her personal context.

Can you talk a bit about your company?
You can find the description of my services at

I am a Spanish expat working in the financial sector in Paris, for more than 3 years now. This web was born one year and a half ago, when I decided to buy an apartment in Paris and once I realized that there was no real tailor-made and human financial advice offer in the market. So I joined my professional experience with my personal experience and this activity was born.

Can you tell us something about yourself, about your background?
As I had the opportunity to mention before, I’m Spanish native…

From a professional point of view, I’m Deputy Head of a department of approximately 15 people at an International Bank devoted to lending to big corporates, such as EDF, Bouygues. Once I ended my International MBA in Madrid (part also in Mexico city) 8 years ago, I started to work for companies like PwC and KPMG before joining the banking sector.

I moved to France because I wanted to have a personal experience abroad. Before, I have also been living in Mexico City for some months.

Do you offer additional services?
I’m currently working on developing this activity for enterprises as well. “Financial Coaching to Enterprises” will be available soon. The aim of this new activity is to advice and to support entrepreneurs just building their projects, and to runners of their own business in difficulty.

What is the profile of your clients?
It can vary, but principally, individuals looking for a real estate investment. For example, I was contacted by a French man who wanted to buy an apartment in the center of Paris, but he wanted to be sure that he could afford it. Indeed he needed a second opinion. He needed to get some back-up regarding the decision he was going to take. He was also looking for some other information such as, what the paid-in should represent, how much would represent the related costs (notary, etc). So I analyzed his situation (actually, he could comfortably buy), I explained him the buying process from the beginning to the end, what he should pay special attention to, what he should not forget when negotiating with banks. We also did some calculations about what his monthly repayments would represent under different assumptions.

Other individuals come because they have to take a decision and they need someone to discuss with about. For example, “I am very emotionally attached to an apartment, but something tells me that I should sell now given the current price peak in real estate. What should I do?”.

Some people contact me because they need a strategy to reach a financial objective. For example, “I’m 55. I have made some extra-cash during the last years. I would like to get retired in 3 years. How should I better use this extra-cash in a simple and safe way in order to reach this objective?

What is the difference between a “financial coach” and a personal “financial consultant”?
A “coach” is not a “financial consultant”. In special for the impossibility of having an expertise in all the financial areas (tax, pension, investing).

In contrast, a financial coach is a professional with a long-track record and successful experience in the financial sector. If needed, the coach will inquire and deepen on the different specificities of the financial system (tax, pension, investment).

The person who comes to a financial coach does not necessarily for the technical knowledge of the coach. He/she does because he/she wants to be accompanied and guided, or simply because he/she needs help to reach a financial objective or wants to get a second opinion about a decision that he/she needs to take. In my opinion everyone has at least one financial objective (to stop working for example??). The individual and the coach define together the strategy to reach this objective according to the context of the individual.

What services/information/help do you provide to other companies/individuals?
As I had the opportunity to mention before coaching to enterprises will be available soon.

Can you speak about your service/project and the difference regarding competitors?
Compared to Anglo-Saxon countries, this is a pretty recent activity. Obviously, there are other experienced financial coaches in the market. My competitive advantage is that I can propose my service in English in France and that I’m an expat myself.

Are all the product offers specific to you company?
I guess that the fact that I also propose the service in English as well as my background makes the service specific. In contrast, it is true that there are other financial coaches in the market.

What is your activity on the Internet?
This is my only activity. A new version of the web will be available soon (hopefully!!)

What advantages/discounts could you offer to our readers?
The first consultation would be 100%-off (with no limit of time).

Contact (Email/Tel/website) :
+33 (0)6 05 01 39 14


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