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Published 2008-01-26 01:54:53
We are currently looking for people willing to write information on new cities to be displayed on the website.

Job Title: EDITOR

Location: no requirement: can be from home, you can manage your time.

Package: 500 EUR for a whole city (about 50 small articles) - Work need to be done within 50 days. See template in any city with sections/sub-sections.

Position Description:
Each city follows a specific template that you can find on any city, e.g.:
Each article in each section must be international oriented (we are not talking to American only or French only for example - albeit you can put specific information only relevant to the language or nationals, e.g. French insurance coverage in French...etc).
Information can be easily found on the web. However each article must be original (i.e. ABSOLUTELY NO copy/paste) and the best way of doing that is to cross check several source of information.

List of cities to be covered are:
Moscow, Seoul, Vienna, Oslo, Luxembourg, Mexico, Miami, Zurich, Taipei, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Auckland, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Istanbul.

As often as possible, provide sources, useful links.

Write in English.
- Incumbent will edit city articles and related documents for accuracy and stylistic consistency;
- proofread for style, spelling and precise formatting;
- rewrite complex, technical sections so that they are accessible to English as a Second Language (ESL) readers and laypersons;
- assist in updating city articles: add new and revised versions as needed;
- update articles with the latest data for use in proofreading and fact-checking;
- provide progress reports.

Experience Required:
- Ideally a graduate candidate (or erasmus student or intern who needs extra money) with 2 languages (one of them being English + either French, German, Italian, Spanish) who spent/is spending time abroad;
- demonstrated editing and writing abilities;
- familiarity in web search, getting information on the internet and with good written communication skills.

Attention: The final document should be on a HTML form (using tags <h2> or <h3> in titles, etc... I recommend using dreamweaver on any similar text editor that display clean html tags (i.e. not Frontpage), you can get a free copy of it on the Internet and it makes the text formating really easy).

Please contact our team [REF JOBEE262] with your motivation, availability, questions.


As editors who have worked for EasyExpat have given feedback about the work they have done, here I  am posting some:

"To answer your questions on my experience of the project... I've been wanting to get into travel writing for some time now and though this isn't exactly 'poetic' or typical travel writing copy, I think it's my first step in the direction. I thought it was extremely thorough information and I think whoever is moving to Amsterdam will really find loads of value in the writeup. I personally underestimated the sheer quantity of text involved and as a consequence the time as well. So one piece of advice would be to highlight that this is a considerable amount of work and writers need to be aware of it.

One thing that worked for me and could potentially help other writers was that I set aside some time initially to just do some general reading and research on the topic and saved a whole bunch of links in mini folders. This saved loads of time while I was actually writing as I had most of the 'raw' information ready and it was a matter of re-compiling and rewriting it. As a project itself, I didn't find it hard but it did feel monumental."

Siddharthanni Lobo, editor for Amsterdam, Munich, Thursday, February 28, 2008

"I found it really interesting, especially that you have a chance to know a lot of practical info, that might be useful in future, topics are interesting and I am sure they are really great help for your visitors.

The biggest problem was of course to find relevant information, I was using only online resources and was completely dependant on the Internet. God bless Google!:) Sometimes it is also good idea to visit forums and of course Internet vortals. During the search process it is very important if you are using local or global google search engine. Polish google was a great tool to find detailed information, that later needs to be translated. Global google is a source of polish websites in english and will be more useful for your visitors, thats why I always tried to include links to english versions in my articles.

This assignment is very time consuming. Maybe it is just my personal experience - I am having 2 jobs permanently, one full time and one more, so that was my 3rd job. It's just not as quick to do as it might seem at the beggining. This is a time consuming project and everyone who commit to it should be aware of that.

Editing html wasnt a big thing for me. I know html so it came easy....and your requirements were not too complicated. But definitely for someone who doesnt know this language it might be a difficult job, even with help of html editor.

I am happy I was able to deliver you finished project. I hope it will be of great help for your users."

Radoslaw Dobrolecki, editor for Warsaw, Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I have really enjoyed doing these guides, especially after figuring out a lot of the ins and outs with the first one. Is there a possibility of more guides after I finish Chicago? Having made more friends here in Berlin I have been asking where people are interested in and cities like Miami, San Diego, Seattle and Boston come up for the States. I also thought it would be interesting to write about Vancouver, Canada or Mexico City, Mexico since I have been to both places. Anyways- just curious if there may be more opportunities."

Erin Ball, editor for Los Angeles, Friday, April 25, 2008 

"Having spent more time working on the site for Singapore than I'd originally envisaged, I can say that I would definitely do things a little differently next time.  Rather than working through the topics as they came up, I would write up all the headings and allocate a certain amount of time to each, rather than getting bogged down in one and forgetting just how many more topics I have yet to write up!  Also, I would do it directly in DreamWeaver, rather than doing what I did which was to write it in Word first and then import it into Dreamweaver, creating myself much more work.

All in all I'd say that I very much enjoyed writing my pages, and ended up trying to limit myself as there were so many interesting things I felt I could include!"

Sharon, editor for Singapore, Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Doing the assignment was very interesting and a LOT of fun!  I learned a lot about Helsinki, even though I was familiar with the city. I was lucky because I was able to ask people I knew in Finland for suggestions along with doing Internet searches. It was also very helpful that I had actually spent time in Helsinki. I'm not sure why. Maybe it helped me get a sense of what was important. Although the research was time consuming, it was not difficult. But then I do research for a living, so someone else might find it more difficult than I did.

The research was time consuming. I would recommend doing only a couple of hours at a time, definitely no more than 3 or 4 hours. Then give your brain (and your eyes!) a rest. Otherwise you might  be tempted to skip over things and miss something important. How I did my research was that I started with the template, and did searches under each category. I saved links to all the web pages I found, with descriptions for each page, under each section. That helped me be able to find the information again when I started putting the final city guide together. I would definitely recommend setting up a separate computer file for all your notes and searches. I did. It helped a lot having all my information clearly labeled and in one place.

Doing the HTML editing was VERY difficult for me. I wound up transferring my copy from a regular Word document directly into the template using Dreamweaver and adding the formatting manually. It was a slow process, but at least I was able to produce clean HTML copy that way. I did several spell checks in Word before I did the transfer. It was slow, because the spell checker didn't recognize all the Finnish words. But after the first time through, the spell check was a bit faster. Trying to clean up Word HTML copy, was a total waste of time. Maybe someone who is really good with HTML can do it that way, but for everyone else, I would say, save yourself the headache."

Audrey Faye Henderson, editor for Helsinki, Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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