Medical Doctor/Doctor’s assistant in Zambia

Medical Doctor/Doctor’s assistant

Miss Zilla NACHULA

Telephone: +260971646303

Farm 411a Mapepe Chilanga,Lusaka - Zambia

Location: Zambia

Sector: Healthcare, Doctor, Nurse, Social

Job search (short statement...):
Medical Doctor with a background in Home Based Care, Orphaned and Vulnerable children. My greatest strength are bringing both my medical profession and outreach background which Intel’s me to bring th

2019-06-01 TO 2020-06-01: MEDICAL DOCTOR INTERN
• Keeping up to date with the lastest treatment, medicines and medical developments.
• Teamed up with other physicians, specialist and health care providers to provide well-rounded care for complex cases.
• Treated patients undergoing substance abuse treatment, detoxification, and recovery in in-patient treatment facility.
• Assisted in the operating theaters in surgical operation.
• Dealt sympathetically with sensitive circumstances.
• Experience of providing care to patients, medicines and medical developments.

2010-07-01 To 2014-07-31: SOCIAL WORKER INTERN
• With Home Based Care I interacted around the community to sensitize them on the importance of early HIV testing and prevention, living with HIV/AIDS, importance of taking ARV. I also had the privilege of working with teenagers and at risk youth with the advantage of being of their generation.
• Under the Orphan and Vulnerable programme we were able to work with two different organizations based in Australia to source money for school fees, books, uniforms as well as a few day to day needs. Under one of the organizations we were able to get some a number of children sponsorships by families in Australia

2014-10-30 to 2020-07-30: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Medicine from Yichun Medical University- Yichun city, Jiangxi Province, China.
• Elected representative for Foreign students to the Chinese government.
• Elected chief co-ordinator for all foreign students from over 20 countries.
2012-2010: High school from Metropolitan School under the Cambridge Syllabus
2009-2000: Primary and junior Secondary I attended Mary Queen Of Peace Girls’ school

Fluent in Both written and spoken English.
Basic Chinese

CV attached: CV_8044
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Zilla Nachula


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 Healthcare, Doctor, Nurse, Social

Zilla Nachula
Medical Doctor/Doctor’s assistant

Medical Doctor with a background in Home Based Care, Orphaned and Vulnerable children. My greatest strength (...)

Healthcare, Doctor, Nurse, Social: Zambia
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