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I obtained MSc in Geographic Information Management (Cranfield University). I am a Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) through the Geomatics pathway with the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors (RICS) and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

I am currently a GIS Coordinator at High-Speed Two Ltd. A wide-ranging specialist role in designing, project-manage and delivering GIS analysis and products involving all aspects of mapping, analysis and data management required to support the delivery of the HS2 BIM strategy. I am also responsible for coordinating all GIS and data acquisition activities for Phase 2b.

My GIS know-how is being used to inform the project of crucial environmental issues. On account of my commitment and ability, I have been given more responsibilities to guide colleagues and the supply chain on geographic data, tools, and methodologies to advance geographic approaches and the significance of Geographic Information Systems. I routinely provide training, demonstrations, and ongoing support on our web mapping system, the main features of the data Quality Assurance (QA) process, including quality control checks (geometry, metadata), in addition to Geographic Standards & Procedures, GIS Tools, Document Management System (eB), and error fixes. Consequently, there has been a more than 30 % increase in the data acceptance rate.

I work with suppliers and consultants to conduct periodic QA workshops to ensure a common understanding of the various asset types and their respective data requirements. This has eased the backlog of asset inventory from hundreds to less than 10 in just seven months. I generate figures from databases or data trackers, produce reports, and make presentations to managers on the progress of critical assignments I am responsible for. This also raises appreciation of GIS data and methods that augment the significance of our outputs to other experts (e.g., Engineering, Engagement and Environment).

I utilise my geographical expertise to work with specialists in other fields to advance goals and develop solutions. For example, I routinely collaborate with colleagues in the Land and Property department to identify details of land parcels with approved licences to access for surveying and Ground Investigations (GI). I also work with the GI team to provide data and expertise on GI locations and associated data capture. GI surveys remain on schedule, licence conditions are adhered to with the up-to-date information provided, and no trespasses by surveyors.

I have extensive experience with the latest ESRI ArcGIS software and extensions (including spatial analyst and 3D analyst) and other proprietary/Open-source software (e.g., ERDAS, FME, QGIS, SQL, & Excel) and KML to create Web-mapping applications. I regularly apply SQL, FME and Python querying/programming skills to automate several mundane and repetitive tasks and apply speed, efficiency, and improved data querying and analysis performance. The use of these technologies and new approaches moderates staff workload and time to focus on strategic activities. I support colleagues' (internal and external) professional development by sharing GIS tools and valuable processes. The automation and functionality extension of GIS tools that Python and FME provide benefits in cost-saving, efficiency, lessening staff workloads, and more accurate data outputs or analysis.

I have wide-ranging experience under the Ordnance Survey PSMA (now PSGA). I provide expertise in Open Government Licence, European INSPIRE Directive and UK Gemini. I have helped the Milton Keynes council publish roughly 33 spatial datasets as mandated at the time. This has facilitated the authority's adherence to regulatory frameworks and provided transparency and easy access to council spatial datasets.

Communication with consultants, clients, and the supply chain is paramount for my role. I regularly spend time looking through the working schedule with the Area Leads to ensure that sufficient spatial and non-spatial data is allocated and resources have approved standards to meet project requirements. As part of my role, I create cartographic maps for internal business use and the public, always conscious of the end-user. I ensure that the map is straightforward to understand, not too busy with text, and has an appropriate map size for its use. Map elements (e.g., data frames, legend, map header, additional text areas) balance each other.

I had to utilise my project management skills and experience in my role. There was a need to simplify the process and create some degree of specialism. During ad hoc data acquisition exercises, I assigned each co-locating staff to their respective contract area (e.g. Lot 1 staff assigned to Lot 1 project activities). This helps consolidate contacts management, reduce the risk of overlapping, ensure continuity and consistency, and secure a sustained information source and feedback.

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 IT Jobs: Developer, Manager, Web

Madi Sillah
GIS Professional

I obtained MSc in Geographic Information Management (Cranfield University). I am a Chartered Surveyor (...)

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