Customer service, Call centres in India

Akhil hegde
Customer service executive with an experience of 3 years.

I am a highly motivated and determined customer service executive with an amazing experience of 3 (...)

Customer service, Call centres: India
Ritu Balodia
Duty Manager at Spicejet Ltd.

Ambitious customer service professional offering excellent supervisory and performance assessment skills. (...)

Customer service, Call centres: India
Milton Vaz
Mechanical engineer in hospitality industry

I'm mechnical engineer by profession and worked most part of career life in contact centres, handling the (...)

Customer service, Call centres: India
Hariprasad Raghavan
Hariprasad Raghavan Support Engineer

To be a part of an organization that is completely customer obsessed and completely focuses on inclusive (...)

Customer service, Call centres: India
Uzma Begum
Customer Success officer

Organized and dependable candidate successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive (...)

Customer service, Call centres: India

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