Landline phone in Chicago


Private telephone numbers in the United States are always 7 numbers, usually accompanied by the 3 digit area code and a number 1 at the beginning when calling long distance. They appear with the area code in parentheses in this format 1(111) 111-1111. To make international calls dial 011+country code+number. Some frequent country codes:

  • To call the USA: 0 01
  • To call Germany: 0 1149
  • To call Austria: 0 1143
  • To call Switzerland: 0 1141

Chicago is well connected and you should be able to call from anywhere, anytime. However, the easiest and/or cheapest way may vary. The cheapest way is to use a phone card which may be purchased at supermarkets, newsstands, and convenience stores for an allotted amount of time. Phoning from hotels is the most convenient when visiting, but outside of local calls is very expensive. Phone booths have gone out of vogue with the popularity of cell phones, but can occasionally be found and take change.To reach information, dial 411.

To set-up a new account dial 0 on the phone and asked to be transferred to new accounts. You may also set-up long distance service in the same manner. You may also set-up service on-line. Usually it is cheapest to call long distance on your cell phone so consulate your plan. Phone lines are often packaged with internet service or cable/satellite TV services. Some popular companies are Sprint and AT&T. To compare companies and prices consult

For Long Distance Telephone Service:
AT&T: 800/222-0300
MCI: 800/950-5555
Sprint: 800/877-4646
RCN: 888/790-2121

Phone directory:
European directory:

Update 16/05/2008


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