Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in London


England has a variety of accommodations across the country and London has innumerable hotel options. Even so, major events like the Olympics or the Queen's Diamond Jubilee result in crowded conditions with many hotels overbooked.

Hotel prices can be astronomical in London, but there are a wide range of options and affordable accommodations can be found. To find the best deals, book well in advance. Mid-range hotels can be rented for about £110 a night, with many options above and below that price range.

Finding Lodging

The Official London Tourist board (tel: +44 (0) 800-London) is an excellent option to find approved lodging. There are also hotel booking booths at all the major airports and train stations.

University Halls can offer a low cost option during vacation time (summer, Easter or Christmas). Though not hotel standard, they are usually an excellent value with good locations.


A Bed & Breakfast can be an a refreshingly personal environment to explore a new city. Though a B&B may be more expensive then traditional hotels, occasionally they are cheaper then the surrounding locations given the inclusion of a meal and the luxury of the environment.

Bed & Breakfast accommodations are widely available, even in remote areas. Average price may be as little as 25 GBP per person, per night.

Local tourist information centers are the best resource for finding B&B's while traveling. There are also very helpful search engines:

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Try this list of b&b london:
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Two other good sites
Hi,I regularly use hotels in London.
I use these two sites which provide hotels with very good value:



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I would personally recommend the Best London Hostels website to find great accommodation in London. I've gone through them twice already and have never been disappointed.



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I have used alike sites for other cities but found that this didn't have the hostel I was looking for. I was told about the Generator ( it is the best place to stay in London. However, it is not on this or hostelworld at all. I know that it was a few years ago. I was told that what has happened is that is owned by the people that own the generator and that hostelworld spat it!! N e way if your looking for a place to stay in London go to the Gen and if your looking for a place to stay all over; atleast you can cheek out the market at as well as hostelworld...go the free world!

 Caren Carruthers

This is a very good site with excellent links to hostels in London. All can be booked online and all bookings are instantly confirmed. It is a great resource for anyone travelling to London.

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