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Gas, Electricity, Water in Istanbul

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Gas, Electricity

The electric current is 220V AC with a frequency of 50 Hertz. European standard plugs with two round pins are used.

Electricity and natural gas are provided by the local distributing and retailing companies. In Istanbul, electricity distribution services are covered by the state-owned TEK. Natural gas is supplied to only a limited number of cities. In cities where natural gas is supplied, gas central heating is the common practice. In other cities, communal heating or electric heating is more frequently observed. In coastal cities, solar energy heating and boiling systems are used very widely.

Electricity, natural gas, telephone, and water utilities are billed monthly, quarterly or semi-annually depending on the supplier's choice.


Istanbul has an efficient chlorinated and filtered water supply and a sewage disposal system managed by the government agency ISKI. Water is supplied by municipalities within the municipal borders. Water bills are charged on the basis of the amount of water you use. For more information, log onto the official website.

Update 29/06/2008


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