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Getting a summer job in Istanbul is a great way to explore the country at the best time of the year while also being able to afford it! What's more, a summer job experience can add an international touch to your CV, something that most companies look for these days. 

Temping is a popular option among students to earn extra pocket money or just for the experience. Summer bring with it a spurt in tourists and related tourism jobs. Temp jobs are a great way to get a taste for the work environment in Istanbul and also give you the flexibility to pursue other interests during your time here.  Some of the key temping agencies to get in touch with are as listed below.

Do not forget the employment department of Universities, High schools, available to students that are registered only.

Summer jobs and vacancies in bars, hotels, restaurant, catering

Cafes, bars, restaurants are always looking for extra help especially in the busy summer months. Some places to check out are as below.

  • Vendors, sandwich shops, small shops
  • Waiting staff in bars and restaurants
  • Cleaning staff
  • Admin staff

Some other websites to check out are:

Au Pair

You can find more information in our Au Pair article.

Working holiday visa

Visa requirements for working in Turkey vary according to the country you come from. Depending on your country of origin, duration of stay and whether you intend to work while studying, the type of visa you need changes.

As a general rule, you must apply at the nearest Turkish diplomatic mission for your work permit and visa at least a month before you plan to arrive in Turkey. You’ll need your passport, a visa application form and a letter of employment from your employer in Turkey. Your employer should submit other documents to turkey's Ministry of Labour and Social Security within three working days after you apply for your work permit and visa. Applications are finalised by the MLSS within ninety days at the latest. Before starting to work, and within one month after your arrival in Turkey, you must register with the police near where you plan to live in

For more detailed information outlining the kind of working permit you need, please click here.

This section is intended for reference only. We strongly recommend that you contact the embassy directly for the most up to date info.


Discount Cards

Students always get the best deals in town. Make use of your student status and get a horde of discounts on a range of products and services including travel, shopping, food, entertainment in Turkey and beyond with the following cards.

  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC): the ISIC card gives you discount on transport and at museums, shops, hotels and bars all over the world.
  • IYTC (International Youth Travel Card): if you are not a student, but are under 26, then this card is for you. IYTC has become internationally recognised as an identity card in 50 countries.
  • Akbil: a smart ticket that's valid on all buses, ships, sea buses, metros and tunnel systems in Istanbul

You can apply directly online to get the cards ( or by asking your University or youth centers.

You will find information on voluntary jobs or internship abroad in our other articles on the left column of this page.

Update 12/06/2014


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