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TV & Internet

TV in Thailand

No TV license is required in Thailand.

PAL B is the television transmission standard in Thailand. Old TVs from the UK and US are therefore unlikely to work in Thailand. New TVs tend to be multi system and can accept PAL or NTSC signals.

TV Channels in Thailand

Basic TV channels are provided if you do not have a cable package. There are six terrestrial TV stations that are operated and controlled by various government agencies including MCOT and the Royal Thai Army.

There are no present plans to launch digital broadcasting technology.

The channels are predominantly Thai, although some offer a small selection of English programmes/subtitles.

The channels are:

Cable and Satellite TV

The main cable and satellite provider in Thailand is Truevisions. They offer different packages with the premium package offered at 2,600 baht a month which offers 2 HD providers and the full package including movie and sports channels and many other UK and US channels like BBC, CNN, HBO, National Geographic and Fox. They send a monthly magazine advertising new programmes and a full listing schedule for that month.

To subscribe to True, you either need to speak to your landlord, or if you own your property a copy of your passport and land or condo title/deed is required. Installation is usually free.

A new service will soon be on offer which recently won the rights to the UK premier league, but their price plans and packages are not yet known.

Internet Service in Thailand

Internet service is booming business in Thailand. Many also offer broadband.


There are many different providers:

However, not all of the providers will supply coverage in every area. Tthe shop or provider should check for you before extending an offer, but ask before signing a contract. Contracts are usually for a minimum of one year.

Internet Installation in Thailand

Some providers may require a copy of your visa and work permit, but usually only a copy of your passport is required when you sign up. Installation is usually freely included in your package

Internet Cafés in Thailand

Internet cafes can be found all around Bangkok, although they have recently started to decline thanks to the amount of places now offering free wifi to customers. You will always find one tucked away along a soi, but for your best bet you should head to one of Bangkok's premier tourists spots (Silom, Sukhumvit or KhaoSan) or one of the main shopping malls (Siam Paragon, Central World and Emporium) to find a café.

Most cafes will also offer printing, scanning and copying facilities along with CD/DVD burning.

Internet cafes will usually charge 0.5-5 baht per minute. The cafes in shopping malls tend to be more expensive. Some have a minimum amount so do double check that if you only want to quickly check your email.

Although they are easy to find, here is a list of recommended internet cafes in Bangkok:

WiFi in Thailand

Wi-fi is readily available in Thailand and is free in all McDonalds, Starbucks and shopping malls and is also offered by most cafes, bars and restaurants. If the password is not displayed, ask a member of staff. Some coffee shops have a maximum time frame of one hour to stop writers and tourists spending the whole afternoon there taking advantage of the free internet in exchange for buying only one drink.


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