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The rate of unemployment in Taiwan is about 4.92%. After a rise of several years, this is the first time the rate has fallen below 5% since November 2008. Private sector investment and government-sponsored employment programs have helped to curb the upward trend.

Currently, there is not an unemployment scheme. The unemployed are provided for within the scope of the Social Insurance Plan which covers private- and public-sector employees between ages 15 and 60 (excluding: Self-employed persons, civil servants, teachers, and military personnel).

Unemployment benefit

The insured must have at least 1 year of coverage; unemployment must be involuntary; must be currently registered at a public employment office as being capable of, and willing to, work; must not have declined a suitable job offer; and must not be in occupational training. The unemployed are eligible for 60% of average monthly earnings during the 6 months before unemployment. The benefit is payable after a 14-day waiting period for up to 6 months; for up to 3 months for a new claim within 2 years of last receiving unemployment benefits for 6 months.

The benefit is suspended if a suitable job offer, counselling, or vocational training is refused or the beneficiary fails to report to a public employment office once a month.

There is a early re-employment award if the unemployed person starts work before the maximum unemployment benefit payment period has expired. The reward is a lump sum equal to 50% of the total unpaid benefit that would have been payable for the maximum duration of benefit.

The Labour Insurance Department of the Council of Labour Affairs administers the program. For information, go to their website, or go to their offices:
Council of Labor Affairs
7F, 83 Yanping N. Road, Sec. 2,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel.: +(886) 285 902 787
Fax: +8886) 285 902 784

The Bureau of Labour Insurance collects contributions and pays benefits. Their office is located at:
Bureau of Labor Insurance
12F, 4 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 1,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel.: +(886) 223 518 020
Fax: +(886) 223 961 266

Update 10/12/2010


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