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Landline telephone service is usually around NT$100 a month for the basic fee.


Local phone numbers are 7 - 8 digits. The number + area code total 8 digits except for Taipei and surrounding area with 9 digits.

Calling Long Distance

To dial long-distance, you must first dial the long-distance prefix of "0".

  • (0)2 Taipei (same as Taipei County & Kaohsiung County)
  • (0)7 Kaohsiung (same as )
  • (0)3 Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County and City, Hualien County, & Yilan County
  • (0)37 Miaoli County
  • (0)4 Taichung County and City & Changhua County
  • (0)49 Nanotu County
  • (0)5 Chiayi County and City & Yunlin County
  • (0)6 Tainan County and City & Penghu County (the Pescadores)
  • (0)7 Kaohsiung County
  • (0)8 Pingtung County
  • (0)89 Taitung County
  • (0)82 Kinmen County
  • (0)826 Wuchiu
  • (0)836 Lienchiang County (Matsu Islands)
  • (0)7 Pratas Islands
  • (0)7 Spratly Islands

Mobile phones use the prefix (0)9.

Calling to Taiwan

Country Code: 886

Dial the country code, followed by one of the prefixes above, then the number.

Calling from Taiwan

The standard prefix for international calls from Taiwan is 002 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 00244 for the UK). Calls to mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau require international dialling. A helpful guide to calling can help find international codes.

Public Phones

Public Phones are popular in Taiwan. There are generally two types: coin and card.
Coin phones- accept coins in denominations of NT$1, NT$5, and NT10. For local calls, NT$1 buys one minute of phone time.
Phone cards- There are two types. One is divided into magnetic strips, and IC stored value cards. Magnetic strip cards sell for NT$100 each, and IC cards are available in NT$200 and NT$300 versions. The cards are sold in railway stations, bus stations, scenic spots, and convenience stores.

Collect Call

To call someone and charge the call to them, dial the number with a prefixed special code. The person receiving the call will hear a message asking them to accept the charges and if the person being called hangs up within the first six seconds of hearing the caller's name, nothing is charged.

Prepaid Cards

Calling cards can enable you to call long distance or internationally at a lower rate then by using a landline or mobile. They are perfect for travelling or if you only need to make an occasional long distance call. Here are several different online companies offering cards:


Skype is an extremely inexpensive way to call over the internet to phones, or call other computers for free. The cost is $.02 to call Taiwan landlines, and $.01 to other Taiwan subscriptions.

Phone directory:
European directory:

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Update 10/12/2010


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