Summer, seasonal and short term jobs in Taipei


Seasonal or short term international work can not only help to fund an incredible adventure, it can make your resume/CV much more impressive. Some organizations can help set-up a job, arrange for the flight, and establish a visa. Other people prefer to arrange their own employment in some of the common fields of seasonal work.

Unusual work like small acting parts for TV and film, voice talent (video games, dubbing tracks, etc), editing and even writing educational materials can be attained for native English speakers. these kinds of opportunities are often advertised on billboards in Chinese language-teaching institutes and universities.

Work Abroad Programs

There are also programs for people who want to come to Taiwan for the express purpose of short term work. There are many programs that package airfare, accommodations, and teaching at a school. Their sites can also offer valuable information about working in Taiwan.

InterExchange has been offering students and young adults a variety of short-term summer work abroad programs for over 40 years. Summer Camp Jobs, Teaching English and Seasonal Worker Programs and more are available.
Cost: Varies
Dates: Year-Round
Contact: Interexchange, Inc., 161 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10013, USA. Tel. 212-924-0446; fax: 212-924-0575.

Go2TeachEnglish - This organization has partnered with TAEFEE, the biggest and oldest private teachers association in Taiwan. They prefer recent American college graduates who would be interested in teaching in Taiwan.
Contact: Mike Salomon
Address: 8F-1, No. 5, Sec. 3, He-Ping East Road,
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. 106
Tel: +886.02.2703.0776

English in Taiwan - Mainly focused on English teachers In Taiwan wanting jobs in Taiwan. Rich in resources for teachers and Expats living in visiting Taiwan with daily updates.

Taiwan Deal - Jobs resource for teachers and expats living in Taiwan.

Other opportunities can be found at:

Teaching English

Language Schools

Many people who come to live and work in Asia find employment teaching English. There are also opportunities teaching European languages and Japanese, but English has the greatest demand. There is fierce competition in this market as more and more people have come to the country to teach.

It is illegal to work without a work permit and an ARC (Alien Residency Permit). An ARC requires workers to be a citizen of a native English speaking country. These include: U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa.

Officially, teaching English also requires a university degree although many people are able to find positions without one. A CELTA or TEFOL also help in obtaining a position. The application process takes about two months and is usually applied for once the applicant has found an employer. However, if the teacher wishes to leave their employment, they must find an alternative employer or lose their ARC and hence be required to leave Taiwan. To prevent the loss of staff, most schools will not help arrange an ARC without a year-long contract. To find more complete information about the ARC, go to Taiwan's National Immigration page.

  • North American English accent is heavily favoured over British, Australian and South African accents. However, many schools that advertise "American English" will hire teachers from anywhere.
  • Age is a possible factor with applicants in their 20s preferred
  • The look of a Westerner is also important. Unfortunately, discrimination is not uncommon and preference may be given to people who look white.
  • Reliability is the last element in which to get a job at a school and keep it. Many schools will hire for at least a few days, but expect new teachers to prove themselves worth a longer investment.

Typical salary is very good for cost of living, ranging from $500-650 per hour before deductions at most language schools.


Some people avoid this process by finding work with school managers that are willing to pay under the table for short durations. This is risky and illegal, but not uncommon. If caught, workers may face criminal charges and be deported.

Other teachers may decide to find students on their own. This is also illegal, but again, common. Most students can be found at universities through noticeboards. Chinese-speaking ability is not necessary, but greatly increases your chances of finding students. Once established with a few students, it becomes much easier to find more as connections (or guanxi) are very important.

Average pay ranges from $500-1000 per hour for private students. These prices are usually negotiated directly with the student and may vary.

Personal Stories

Working Holiday Visa

Visa requirements are crucial to your trip planning. Make sure to do independent research to accommodate your stay.

The purpose of a working holiday visa is in order to promote people-to-people exchanges and enhance the interaction of the Republic of China (RoC) youth with those of other countries. The primary intention of working holiday makers for coming to Taiwan is to holiday, but they may supplement their funds and to experience a foreign culture through incidental employment. Therefore, this scheme shall not apply to those who seek full-time jobs, to study, or to stay for long periods for other purposes.

  • Place of application: Applicants may apply for visas at the RoC Embassy, Consulate and overseas missions in the applicable country.
  • Delivery of documents: Documents shall be sent by applicants themselves, or by a commissioned a proxy or travel agency, but visa officers may request and interview with the applicants.
  • Regulations after entry: Working holiday visa holders shall not apply for changing to other types of visas based on other reasons once they enter the RoC. They should not work for the same employer for more than 3 months. In addition, holders of working holiday visas should not work for the entire one year of their visit.
  • Visa application refusal: In accordance with Article 12 of the Statute Governing Issuance of RoC Visas on Foreign Passports, the RoC government has the right to deny the issue of a visa without disclosing the reason. In addition, in accordance with Article 7 of Standard Fee Rates for RoC visas on Foreign Passports, visa applications are denied, the application fees charged are not refundable
  • Duration of Stay: The initial duration of stay shall be 180 days, which may be extended for no more than another 180 days while the visa is still valid. Application for extensions shall be made to the city or county police bureau of the place where the working holiday maker stays 15 days prior to the initial duration of stay expires. Visa holders shall leave Taiwan before their visa expires. Working holiday makers shall be issued multiple entry visas, which allow for multiple entries to and exit from the Republic of China during the validity of the visa.
  • Study Time Limit: As the main purpose of working holiday makers is not full-time studies, applicants cannot undertake any formal courses other than Chinese language courses in Taiwan of no more than 3 months duration. The language centres of Universities recognized by the Ministry of Education shall be based on the latest list announced by the Ministry of Education.
  • Tax Information: In regards to payment related to employment, refer to the website of the National Tax Bureau of the Ministry of Finance in Kaohsiung City. Information for foreigners can be found at

    The website of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training of the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan offers further information.


    • Applicable countries: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada (Effective from July 1 ,2010).
    • Purpose: Applicants must prove to the RoC Embassy, Consulate and overseas missions issuing the visas that their primary intention is to holiday in the RoC, with employment being an incidental rather than a primary reason for the visit and will leave the RoC before the visa expires.
    • Age: The age of applicants shall between 18 and 30 years, both inclusive, at the time of application.
    • Living expenses: Applicants shall be required to have at least NT$ 100,000 or an equivalent amount of foreign currency as their living expenses during their stay in the RoC.
    • Medical insurance: Applicants shall have full medical and hospitalization insurance during their stay in the RoC.

    Required Documents

    1. Visa Application form for Working Holiday Makers (Applicants shall fill and sign the form)
    2. Passport valid for more than one year planned in the RoC
    3. Two 2-inch color photos taken within 6 months
    4. Round trip flight ticket or proof of the capability to purchase it
    5. Financial proof of at least NT$ 100,000 of living expenses (such as travelers check or bank statement)
    6. Proof of full medical and hospitalization insurance during the stay in the RoC
    7. Visa fee: NT$3,200(US$100)
    8. Health certificate is required for Australian applicants according to the Working Holiday Scheme Arrangements signed between RoC and Australia

    Au Pair

    Becoming an Au Pair is an attractive option for short term work.
    You can find more information in our Au Pair article.

    The Student Employment Contract

    An employment contract is standard for any working environment and in the case of student or short-term work, a student employment contract may be used. This usually imposes a time-limit between a student and an employer, with the student getting a salary for his/her work. Making a formal student work contract is not mandatory (it is possible to sign a standard employee contract instead), but may have additional benefits for a student position.

    Discount Cards

    ISE Card(International Student Exchange Card) - An internationally recognized identification card with thousands of discounts in over 80 countries, it is valid for one year from date of issue. Students of ANY age are eligible, as well as faculty members and children to young adults from 12-25. The price is $25 and you can purchase it online at

    SIC (International Student Identity Card) - Full-time students 12 years and older offers discounts on travel rates, accommodations, shopping, entertainment, basic sickness and travel insurance, and inexpensive international phone calls. A passport sized photo is required and the card costs about $25 and is good through December 31st of each year. It can be purchased at

    IYTC (International Youth Travel Card) - A discount card for travelers under 26 who aren't enrolled in school, this card offers a smaller range of youth travel discounts. The card costs $22 card.

    The Student Advantage Card - Provides student travel, retail and entertainment discounts for an annual $20 membership fee. Provides 15% off Amtrak and Greyhound and gets the $2 Hostelworld booking fee waived. Greyhound will give you the discount without a card, and Amtrak also provides the discount to ISIC card holders, too. Purchase on the main website.

    You will find information on voluntary jobs or internship abroad in our other articles on the left column of this page.

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