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If you are a member of the European Union, there is no specific declaration to fill in before you go to Switzerland.

Documents to give to the customs office:

  • Invoice excluding the VAT, established by the provider.
  • Export declaration (form n° 11.030) filled by the Swiss provider or by the forwarding agent.
  • Certificat EUR1 : in order to be able to apply the specific rate of products coming from AELE (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Island, Norway) or from the European Union, goods must come with an authorization EUR1.

An export declaration on the invoice replaces this form (for a value less than 6 000 €) : "The exporter of products covered by the document declares that, with no other indication, the goods come from the European Community" Location, date and signature.

It is possible to find the necessary forms to pass the border on the Swiss customs website.

Franchise on goods are set to 300 CHF per day and per person (limits are put on cigarettes - 200 - for example). Pets (dogs and cats) may pass the border if they have got a valid injection against rabbies (Office Vétérinaire Fédéral - OVF : The transfer of your legal domicile is an essential condition to be able to take, tax free, all your personal furnitures, pet(s) and car(s). One condition only: imported goods must have been used abroad previously for a minimum of 6 months.

There are numerous customs between the canton of Geneva and France. In order the pass the border easily, you can process faster with the customs by taking the green way (for example in airports) or, with a car, by sticking behing the glass, a form "RIEN A DECLARER/NOTHING TO DECLARE" (green badge to cut here, or by asking directly at the customs office - you will find also on the form a list of goods exempted of custom fees).

For the inhabitants of the frontier zone (cross-border commuters: frontaliers), there is a specific lane (usually one lane for control, and two lanes « nothing to declare »). You need to get a badge FRONTALIER (you just need to fill a form and assert that you are not bringing any illegal goods or immigrants). For information, the number of people with a border permit granted in the canton of Geneva is about 45 000.

Update 31/10/2005


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