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Call internationally Sri Lanka

If you need to call from Sri Lanka or if your family needs to connect with you from your home country, you will need to know:
Country code: +94
Number format: 10 digits (0XX-XXXXXXX)
For international calling: Add 00 before dialling a number.
Trunk calling: Add 0 before dialling number.

Calling within Sri Lanka

For calling within Sri Lanka, the cheapest option is to use a mobile and choose a plan best suited to your needs. There are several service providers available in the market to choose from.

Landline Providers in Sri Lanka

There are five mobile-service providers in Sri Lanka. They are:

You can choose any of these servers on the basis of your special needs, the price asked for, and how good is the speed.

Phone Installation in Sri Lanka

In case a landline is required, getting a connection would be simple enough in the bigger cities. One can avail the services of three major telephone line providers: Sri Lanka Telecom, Dialog and Lanka Bell.

You can go to any company's shop and fill in an application for a connection. They will ask for proof of residence, an ID and a copy of your passport. You can choose a pre-paid or post-paid plan and buy your own handset, in case the company does not provide it.

Public Phones/ Prepaid Cards

Pay phones, in public places, with coin-in-slot payment are few and far between in Sri Lanka. It is better to use an international pre-paid card or walk into a communication centre/Internet cafe for making international calls via Skype. The latter are an easier and cheaper option.

Skype, Google and other ways to connect

While Skype is a good way to connect with your folks back home, you can, if you have Internet and a mobile, connect on Whatssap, Google Messenger and other social media platforms. See the EasyExpat article: Expats Connect: Skype & Other Services

Phone directory:
Sri Lanka directory:

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