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To work in Spain is necessary submit an application for residence and work permit, either in person or through a legal representative at the "Oficinas de Extranjeros" or, in absence of these, at the Headquarters of Labour and Social Affairs or of the Government Delegations in uni-regional Autonomous Communities.

The initial permit is valid for one year and may be restricted to a particular geographical area and activity. It is conditional to obtain a visa, entering Spain, and register with the Social Security system.

Within one month of being registered in Social Security you must apply, in person, for a Foreigner's Identity Number (NIE). If you are not registered with Social Security in the allotted time you must leave Spain. Failure to do so constitutes a serious offence.

For more information about the application procedure visit exteriores.org.es or visit their offices at: C/ Pechuán, 1 - 28002 Madrid Telf: +91 379 17 00

CVs in Spain

To apply for a job in Spain, you should present/send both your CV and a brief about personal information and motivation (Cover Letter). Your CV should contain the following information about you:

It is also recommended to accompany a CV with a cover letter in any job application (an updated LinkedIn page link should be also attached).

Interviews in Spain

During the interview you will have to describe and explain your experience through your CV. Avoid raising the question of the salary in the first couple of interviews and wait until the company offer you the job before you evoke the issue.

Job Search in Spain

Job searching can be done on different platforms depending on the type of job you are seeking. Some of the resources to find a working place are:

Search engines allow you to find a great diversity of job positions regarding your experience and professional field.  The following are the biggest search engines available in Spain.
Most agencies specialize in a particular field. The main recruiting agencies web sites are:

Several papers (mostly) and radio programs have a helpful classified's section announcing job offers from any kind of field. These include:

As part of the EU, job seekers can access the European job mobility portal EURES. This resource provides information about job vacancies from any professional field, as well as information on the living, working conditions, etc.

EURAXESS is an international initiative that supports European and non-European investigators hoping to find research careers in Europe. Available research positions are posted online.

Career fairs are an excellent way to find available jobs and opportunities. There are a large variety of employers that you can meet in one day. Entrance is usually free, but registering online might be asked. Bring your resume and dress to impress, as there may be interviews on the spot.
You can find out about upcoming fairs in your industry on the homepage of the IFEMA - Feria de Madrid

Sometimes getting a job is about knowing the right people. Talk to friends, family and business contacts to see if they have connections in the area you would like to work. Expat events can also be a great way to find out how other expats found their work and see if their company has any openings. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln or expat forums.

Work Visas & Permits

Since Spain is a EU member, the EU and European Economic Area citizens do not need a working visa. Those coming from countries outside the EU will need to obtain both a residence permit and a work permit.

Please refer to "Passport & Visa" section of the guide for full details.





Recruitment agencies
Don't forget recruitment agencies besides job portals! There are several offering jobs for international candidates. Big ones, such as Adecco and Randstad are good but also smaller ones like Talent Search People have a good reputation among foreigners.

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