TV & Internet in Moscow


Cable and Satellite TV

There are several major cable and satellite TV operators in Moscow. There is a standard package of international channels (CNN, Euronews, Discovery, Eurosport, and MTV), as well as local channels. Some providers offer films upon demand, and all have a feature that allows to watch TV either in original language or in Russian. Usually there's no long-term contracts and you can pay your bills through a bank.

Antenna, not all areas are well covered
Telephone: (095) 231-3333
Offers: 17 foreign channels for $13,4 / month, 10 channels for $9.1 / month, additionally internet packages for $33 / month (unlimited 256/128) or $15 / month (200Mb, 64/64) can be purchased. Installation fees vary from $20 to $50. They speak English.

Kosmos-TV Antenna, good coverage
Telephone: (095) 730-0000
Offers: 23 foreign channels for $20 / month, installation fees start at $100. They speak English.

Divo TV Through a standard TV cable, simple installation, not all areas in Moscow are covered yet
Telephone: (095) 787-0000
Offers: Installation fees are from $79 to $129, 21 channel package costs $10 / month, 32 channel package costs $18 / month. Film-on-demand feature is $2 one-time fee.

NTV Plus Satellite dish, available in all of Russia
Telephone: (095) 755-5545
Offers: 40 channels (including Russian ones) for 19$ / month

For more options, try TV Providers.


Internet access is fairly accessible within Moscow. There are various providers and speeds of internet connection available.

Dial-up: Though slow, this connection can be very easy to set-up. If you have a computer and a modem, you can purchase an internet card from one of the many Moscow providers. Usually the cards are for $5, $10, $20, $50, you should login (as a guest) on the server of the provider and type in the serial number and the code of your card, and after that you can start using the internet.


MTU (, you can buy their internet card (sold almost everywhere, a card for $5, $10 or $50), one hour costs from $0.3 to $1.

Russia-on-Line ( is also one of the biggest providers and you can buy their card everywhere, they also provide access numbers in most Russian cities (1 hour $0.9).


High Speed Internet: This type of connection can be provided by local area networks (LAN), ADSL (Broadband), or cable TV.
LAN- Prices are comparable and service can be very fast (1Mb/sec), but there are connectivity issues.
ADSL (Broadband) - Almost as fast as LAN and also affordable. Installation can take around 2 weeks. Best for businesses. Guaranteed to have English-speaking operators. (Provides: MTU-Intel, Comstar (tel. (095) 956-0000), Combellga (tel. (095) 931-9950).
Stream - An excellent new source for home use. They offer 1GB for $30 / month, the connection speed is up to 1024 Kbit / sec, the setup costs wouldn't be more than $100 (including equipment), and there's no long-term commitments and you can pay your bills through the bank.
Cable TV- Some providers offer internet in addition to their TV packages. Guaranteed to have English-speaking operators (Providers: Comcor-TV (tel.: (095) 231-3333) offers two options, $33 / month unlimited traffic at 256/128 kbit speed or $15 / month 200 Mb traffic at 64/64 speed; Kosmos-TV (tel. (095) 730-0000) Installation may take from 1 day to 1 week).


Moscow is the headquarters for most of Russia's nationwide television networks, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. There are several excellent English-language resources.

The Moscow Times and Moscow News are two of the most prominent English newspapers. Both are weekly editions, with the Times being the largest and the News as the oldest.

Element is a English-language newspapers that details the events and happenings in the area.

Fun Stuff News is another resource to keep in touch with the English-speaking community in Moscow. Events, tips, and useful resources can all be found here.

Expert, Kommersant, and Gazeta all have headquarters in Moscow. Expert and Kommersant are among the country's leading and oldest Russian-language business newspapers. Kommersant offers resources on-line and can be read in English.

For a comprehensive listing of newspapers, offers a larger listing.

Update 10/07/2009


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