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The price of moving depends on the how much is being moved, the value of the goods, and the distance to be moved. Compare companies because the prices and assurances they offer can be quite different. The first step is ascertaining that the company is approved by an international remover network like the International Unions of Move so you will have recourse if something is damaged. Also, be meticulous in keeping records of what you are shipping and their values if possible.

If possible, ship only the truly indispensable items and try to buy when you arrive to abate some of the cost. Shipping costs are calculated on the amount of volume (Cubic Feet) that your packed goods will take up in one of our shipping containers. Volume is calculated by multiplying the length x depth x height. An example would be a full size refrigerator/freezer that is 3ft wide, 2 feet deep, and 6 feet high would be 36 cubic feet. A 20 foot container total cubic capacity is 1172 ft 3 and a 40 foot container capacity is 2392 ft. A standard 2 to 3 bedroom house or condo should fit into 1 x 20ft container. A larger 4 to 5 bedroom house would need 1 x 40ft container.

The three options are to go by ground, sea or by air, or a combination of the three.

To move by sea takes longer (6-8 weeks), but costs less. If moving by sea, your household goods will be packed into containers that are usually loaded at your residence. Once your home is packed into the containers, they are then shipped by rail or transport to the port where they are then loaded on to a steamship container. The container is then loaded on the boat as cargo. Once your goods have arrived in the new country, the container is unloaded and must pass through customs. International movers will be able to help you with the custom forms and are responsible for clearing your goods.

Moving household items by air is becoming increasingly popular, despite a much higher price tag than shipping by boat. Heavy cardboard boxes are normally used to pack your goods, although some air freight companies will use containers. You may find that shipping items by air is less expensive than renting a furnished place to live or hotel costs. Most companies offer both options so inquire about the price difference and decide which method is best for you.

Some basic factors in determining the best shipping method are:

  • Determine the volume of your personal belongings (for road and sea shipments); the weight and volume of your personal belongings (for air shipments).
  • The final destination of your shipment. If you are looking to move across the globe (e.g. from Russia to the USA or Australia), you might want to ship the majority of your personal belongings by sea container and a small portion of things you will need upon your arrival by air.
  • Your personal moving schedule. How soon do you need or want to receive your personal belongings at your destination? Do you already have accommodation (i.e. a house or apartment) at destination? Will you be going on vacation before taking up your new position at destination? Will intermediated storage of your personal belongings be required?
  • Your budget. Who is paying for your move? Your present or new company, or yourself? What is your allowance for the move?

Ground Shipping

To save money, you can ship your items with other people's belongings. Known as "groupage", your personal belongings will be shipped on a large truck together with the personal belongings of one or more customers. Depending on the final destination of your shipment, your personal belongings may be unloaded at a central warehouse somewhere in Europe and then shipped to their final destination on another truck departing to your destination country from that central warehouse. A groupage truck option is usually less expensive than a direct truck option, but door-to-door transit times are longer.

If your household goods shipment is large or cost is not as much of an issue as time, direct shipping might be a better option. The truck will contain your personal belongings only and will go directly to its final destination without stopping at any other warehouse. A direct dedicated truck is usually more expensive than a groupage truck shipment, but the door-to-door transit time can be significantly shorter.

Sea Shipping

Sea shipments are normally used for mid-sized to large moves to and from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. For some destinations, both groupage sea shipments and direct dedicated container shipments are available. Some rare destinations are only served by direct dedicated containers. The transit time for sea shipments from and to Russia can vary significantly depending on the destination or origin of your shipment.

A direct container sea shipment from Russia to a North-American destination will take approximately eight to ten weeks; transit times to South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Australia can be as long as three months, with New Zealand having the longest transit time. You should take this into consideration when planning your move. Transit times for groupage sea shipments normally are a little bit longer than those for direct container shipments.

Air shipment

If your shipment is small and/or you want to receive your personal belongings at your destination as soon as possible, an air shipment might be the ideal choice for your move. Often people who are moving to a far-away destination send the majority of their personal belongings by surface and opt for an additional air shipment for the most urgently needed items, such as extra clothing and toys. If you want to ship large or bulky items (e.g. beds, sofas) by air, dimensions are important as not all airplanes flying in and out of Moscow can accommodate such items.

The transit time for a door-to-door air shipment is normally between seven and fourteen days, all depending on the origin and destination country's customs regulations. Some countries require that the owner of the personal belongings be present in the country before import customs clearance can take place, which means that your shipment can only be dispatched once you have arrived in your destination country.


Exporting and importing pets from and to the Russian Federation is not as complicated as in some other countries, but there still are formalities that must be complied with. Most important, there is no quarantine for pets such as dogs and cats provided the necessary vaccinations and documents are provided to Russian customs. Stricter regulations are in effect for birds and all exotic animals.
Cat- You must be in the possession of a valid international veterinary document (international pet passport) for your cat with proof of vaccination against rabies and feline infectious diseases. The animal must have been vaccinated at least 1 month prior to leaving Russia, but no more than 12 months before departure. In addition to the pet passport, you must also obtain a health certificate from a state-licensed Russian vet, stating that the cat is healthy and fit to travel. This certificate must be issued no more than 3 days before the cat is due to be exported from Russia and is needed for Russian customs only.
Dog- You must be in the possession of a valid international veterinary document (international pet passport) for your dog with proof of vaccination against rabies and canine infectious diseases. The animal must have been vaccinated at least 1 month prior to leaving Russia, but no more than 12 months before departure. In addition to the pet passport, you must also obtain a health certificate from a state-licensed Russian vet, stating that the dog is healthy and fit to travel. This certificate must be issued no more than 3 days before the dog is due to be exported from Russia and is needed for Russian customs only.

Most companies offer a free quote for the move if you submit your information to their webpage "free quote" section.
(for example:

ATB logistics
739-9920, 542-2861
Transportation of the commercial goods by air, sea, road. Household goods relocation services. Assistance with the customs operations. Logistics expertise. 375 offices in 30 countries worldwide. 10 000 employees dedicated to your needs.

Allied Pickfords Moscow
(+7 095) 796-93-25
We can set-up a date and time for a free survey of your personal belongings. We will then put you in touch with a qualified moving consultant from our office in your origin country.
Varshavskoe hwy, 127a,
117545 Moscow, Russia

Interdean Interconex Moscow
933-5232, 128-8101
Interdean is one of world's ten biggest moving and relocation companies with 45 years experience in this market providing moving services for household goods and personal effects. Members of FIDI-FAIM, HHGFAA, work in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards. Has 56 offices in 40 countries, more than 800 employers, 500 agents all around the world to perform your move.
Contact Victor Gordievich
Novocheremushkinskaya ul., 61, 3rd floor
117545 Moscow, Russia

Voerman International Russia
Removals: international door-to-door, office, local & domestic removals; storage; handyman services. Relocation: home findings - orientations, settling-in services, work permits.
Berezhkovskaya nab., 20, str. 9
Moscow, Russia

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