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TV in Romania

The TV transmission standard in Romania is PAL with a TV D/K norm. PAL is used in most of Western Europe, South Africa and Australia. Foreign television sets only work in Romania if they are compatible with this standard. Not all PAL systems are equivalent, however, as compatibility depends on the age, make and model of the TV set.

Since 2015, all TV transmission in Romania is digital. TV licenses are no longer required since February 2017.


Most households subscribe to cable TV, but the National Television channels can be watched for free: TVR1, TVR2, TVR3, TVRi.

Other popular channels include:

A full list of the TV channels available in Romania can be found on the Cinemagia website.

Cable and Satellite TV in Romania

Most providers of telecommunications services offer both cable and satellite TV options. Users can contract a television-only plan, but it is usually bundled with internet and phone services.

TV subscriptions usually give access to around 100-150 TV channels from Romania and abroad, mostly from European countries. You may wish to consult the list of channels before you purchase the service.

Installation is usually arranged through the provider's website or by calling, and should normally take no more than 2-3 working days. You should consult with your landlord to get permission beforehand.

Monthly subscriptions for cable or satellite TV can start from approximately 30 RON, but providers may have different promotions and offer specific discounts on installation fees or during the first months.

The most important providers are:

However, there are also smaller providers on the market, such as Akta, Intersat, Mitnet, and Ines.

Internet in Romania

Romania boasts one of the fastest and best quality internet services in the world. The market is extremely competitive, which is why it is easy to find subscription plans at very good prices. Usually internet subscriptions are combined with TV and landlines.

Prices start at 25-29 RON for 150 Mbps, and are slightly higher for greater speed connections.

Internet Providers in Romania

The main providers of internet in Bucharest are:

But smaller providers can also be found.

Internet Installation in Romania

Installation is generally free and has to be arranged online when contracting a service package. Providers are very responsive, and it is possible to have internet installed within 2-3 days, but it is advisable to arrange the appointment at least a week in advance.

Usually a valid identification document and a copy of the rental agreement is required in order to contract a subscription.

Internet Cafés in Bucharest

Internet cafes are less common than they used to be several years ago. Internet cafes may be found at specific locations, especially around universities, and also offer services such as printing, CD nad DVD burning, scanning, etc. The price per hour starts at 6-7 RON.

Best Cafe
Bd. Mihail Kogalniceanu 19
+40 21 312 8416
Opening hours: 8 a.m. - 7 a.m.

Discovery Arena Internet Cafe
Str. Elena Cuza 42
+40 724 914 914
Open 24h/day

Kitty Cafe
Str. Stirbei Voda
+40 727 571 655
Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Opal Cafe
Bd. Pache Protopopescu 40
+40 21 253 2555

When using an internet cafe, please beware of the increased phishing/malware risk and take extra precautions regarding your data protection.

WiFi in Romania

There is an increasing number of wi-fi spots in Bucharest, in parks, on the public transportation network or near public institutions. Additionally, most hotels and cafes provide free wi-fi for their customers.

Find a wi-fi spot near you on the wi-fi map.

Update 24/04/2017


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