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To Call Internationally from Romania

Dial 00 (the international access code) + the destination country code + the area code + the actual number

Before making a phone call, ensure that your subscription plan includes the possibility to make international phone calls.

To Call Romania Internationally

The country code for Romania is +40.

Calling a Romanian Landline

In order to call a Romanian landline from abroad, dial:

Your country's exit code + the Romania Country Code (40) + the local area code + the phone number.

The local area code (prefixe județene) depends on the area and the provider. A list of area codes can be found online. For example, the local area code for Bucharest is 021, if the provider of the dialed number is Telekom, and 031, if the provider of the number is RCS&RDS. When dialing the area code after the country code, you should omit the first 0 from the local area code.

The phone numbers in Romania have seven digits (in Bucharest) or six digits (the rest of Romania).

Calling a Romanian Mobile Phone

In order to call a Romanian mobile number, dial:

Your country's exit code + the Romania Code (40) + the mobile phone number

Mobile phone numbers consist of a four-digit initial code (e.g. 0723) and a six-digit number. When dialing from abroad, after the Romania code you should skip the initial 0 of the mobile phone number.

Calling within Romania

If you are calling from a landline to another landline, you should dial the area code, followed by the phone number. The area code is not necessary if you are calling within your area.

If you are calling from a mobile phone to a landline, you should always dial the area code and the phone number, even when you are in the same area.

In order to dial a Romanian phone number, dial the four digit initial code and the six-digit number, regardless of where in the country you are dialing from.

Landline Providers in Romania

There are currently three main providers of landline services in Bucharest:

Each provider offers different plans and subscription options, depending on your needs, and as Romania is part of the EU, many have lower rates for calls to other EU countries.

Landline Installation in Romania

Phone lines are usually pre-installed, but you would need to set up a new contract with the provider of your choice and pay the connection fee. In some cases, landlords prefer to keep the contracts under their own name, but this is increasingly uncommon nowadays.

Response times from telephone providers are short in Romania, so you may even have your landline installed the next day, but it is recommended to call and schedule the installation one week in advance.

In order to install a landline, an identification document is generally required.

Public Phones in Romania

As most people have mobile phones nowadays, the public telephone service has been discontinued.

Prepaid Cards in Romania

Prepaid cards (cartele telefonice preplătite) are a good way to make phone calls to other countries, while paying lower rates than the ones normally charged by landline providers. Cards may offer different tariffs, and may be suitable for some destinations more than others. It is good to inquire the terms and conditions of each card beforehand.

Prepaid cards to be used on any pay phone are available in newspaper stands.

In order to call using a prepaid card, you should have access to a landline or a mobile phone. Specific dialing instructions may vary, but they generally follow a similar format:

  • Dial the access number
  • PIN number on the card
  • Dial your destination number

After dialing, an automatic message should tell you the balance of your credit.

Skype, Google and other ways to Connect

Various sites offer the possibility to make phone calls online or to chat with other users, including through voice and video chat. With low internet fees this is easy, cheap and more convenient that a traditional phone call.

Skype is the best technology to do this, as it enables users to message, talk or video chat with other users for free. Users can also call mobile phones or land lines for a fee. Other services include google talk, or windows live messenger. You can find a review of other options on the EasyExpat blog.

Phone directory: Pagini Aurii

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Update 24/04/2017


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