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Romanian health insurance grants free access to the country's public health system, but the quality of this is often below the expectations of most expats.

In many places, appropriate facilities and equipment are unavailable, and there are shortages of doctors and qualified medical personnel, as many of the country's physicians and nurses choose to work abroad. During the past few years, the country has introduced a hospital rating system, with the aim of improving the quality of the services offered.

In addition, he country's medical system has been shattered lately by a number of corruption scandals that diminished the population's trust in government information about the healthcare in Romania.

Private Healthcare in Romania

It is recommended to have a comprehensive private health insurance that covers for the treatment cost in most private hospitals. This is often included in the benefits package offered by your employer, but you may also take out private heath insurance of your own with a specialist health insurer.

Most insurance companies in Romania offer private health insurance plans, and you should shop around for the best offers. The prices depend usually on:

  • Insured person's age
  • Health status
  • Lifestyle habits (e.g. Smoking, practicing extreme sports etc.)
  • Amount of coverage of the policy

The exact amount payable is computed by the health insurer. Monthly policies can cost anywhere between 30 and 300 euros per month, but you can get good insurance for 50-60 euros.

Another option is to have private international health insurance. You can get a quote from one of our partners on Expat-quotes.

European Health Insurance Card

A European Health Insurance Card is also accepted in the Romanian public hospitals and clinics, and you may use it before you are fully settled in Romania and enrolled in the public health system. The card enables citizens of EU/EEA countries to get access to Romanian public healthcare for free or at a reduced cost. The card may be used in hospitals, pharmacies or with specialist practitioners.

The card contains information such as the card holder's name, the date of birth, and has a gold chip that enables card readers retrieve information such as the medical history and records.

What Can the Card Be Used for?

In Romania, the services covered by the card include:

  • Free treatment for unforeseen medical situations (doctors, dentists, in-patient and out-patient hospital fees)
  • Prescription medicine at a reduced cost
  • Free emergency medical assistance and transport
  • Dialysis, oxygen and chemotherapy

Cards are only accepted in public hospitals and clinics which have concluded an agreement with the public insurer, and are not accepted by private health providers. The card cannot be used when traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. Also, it is not a substitute for a travel insurance policy.

Who is eligible?

The card can be issued to all nationals of the EU, the EEA, their family members, or people who are residents of a EU/EEA country and pay contributions to the public healthcare in that country.

Cards are issued by the country's national health insurance provider.

How to use the card

You should first locate a facility that accepts the EHIC card by contacting the Romanian National Health Insurance House (CNAS) at the following phone numbers: +40 372 309 250 or +40 372 309 105. You should find out the nearest health provider that accepts the EHIC card, and schedule an appointment. You don't have to pay anything at the hospital if you present the EHIC card, as the service is free.

Update 24/04/2017


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Expatriate health insurance in Romania

With so much to deal with before leaving your home country, (taxes, moving house, paperwork etc.) the careful planning of your expatriation to Bucharest is an essential step. As far as healthcare is concerned, your local social security scheme won’t be accompanying you to your host country and, once abroad, you might be surprised by the care system you find in Romania So, before leaving, make sure you have appropriate cover!

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