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Preparing to Move to Romania

For many expats, relocation assistance is offered by employers. If your relocation expenses are covered, consider using the help of an international removal company to help you with your move.

One Month before Moving

  • Research for possible moving companies. Evaluate and compare options, as prices can be significantly different (check the level of services: packing, un-packing). For a free quote, use EasyExpat Partners.
  • Start setting aside supplies necessary for moving (i.e. boxes, tape, etc.)
  • Shut-down your current household. If you are renting, terminate the lease. You may need to do this several months before your departure, depending on your rental agreement. If you are the owner of your home, evaluate whether you will sell it, rent it out, or retain it. This process is time consuming so begin as early as possible.
  • Book flights and reserve accommodation at your new destination.
  • Prepare a budget for your move. If you are using a relocation or international company, they should be able to assist you.
  • Make copies of educational, medical, legal and insurance records. Keep one set of copies in a safe place and have one set within reach.
  • Obtain the necessary visas and work permits.

Two Weeks before Moving

  • Inform electricity, water, gas, local telephone and cable providers, as well as local authorities of your move. Note that in some cases this would need to be done up to one month in advance. Sign up for utilities at your new home.
  • Confirm travel booking.
  • Communicate your change of address to your local bank. If appropriate, close your bank account.
  • Make arrangements for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. This includes: insurance companies, banks, credit card companies, tax authorities or other government agencies as needed. If you do not have a permanent address in Romania yet, arrange for a post office box.

The Day before Moving

  • Buy moving materials: tape, markers, tape measure, pocket knife, packing boxes.
  • Make sure you have all of the documents needed like passport, visas, plane tickets, etc.
  • If moving expenses are tax deductible in your country, save the relevant invoices and receipts.

Understand Pricing

There are different factors that can influence the cost of moving: the quantity of goods moved, their value and the distance to be moved. Before moving, consider carefully what items you will need to bring along, and try to ship only indispensable items. Many things can either be purchased locally, or obtained while you're in the country from other expats who are moving out. Reach out to your foreign embassy in Romania; they might have newsletters with classifieds sections for their community.

Shipping size

Shipping costs are generally computed on the volume (in meters or cubic feet) that the goods delivered will take up in the shipping container. Volume is computed by multiplying height, length and depth.

For example, the volume of a full size refrigerator and freezer that is 6 feet (1.8 meters) high, 3 feet (.91 meters) wide and 2 feet (.6 meters) deep is 36 cubic feet (1.01940 m3).

A 20-foot container is generally needed for a 2-3 bedroom house, while a 4-5 bedroom house would require a 40-foot container.

It is recommended to make single large shipments, as the greater the total volume of a single shipment, the lower the rate per cubic foot.


Removal prices are also influenced by the point of origin and the final destination. Certain regions are relatively more expensive to ship to than others, despite the shorter distance. Keep in mind that, generally, European countries are rather expensive to ship to.

Common Additional Costs

The final price will almost surely be higher than even the best estimates. Be prepared and budget for a buffer between basic costs and the final actual amount that you will pay.

Among the types of additional costs incurred are:

  • Access at destination may be problematic so a smaller van has to be hired.
  • Delivery on upper floors, with or without a lift. This requires extra men and additional costs.
  • Cost of parking permits at collection or delivery address (these may have to be arranged by the customer. Local council may advise if they are required.)
  • The collection point may be several hundred miles from the port at the destination country.

Shipping Options: Ground, Sea, or Air

There are three basic options to transport your goods: by ground, sea or air. A combination of these may be required. Companies will usually offer all of the options, so it is advisable to inquire about the price and decide the method that most suits you.


Moving with only ground travel is less common, but can be an option if you are coming from Europe. It is much slower than flying, but also much cheaper. This method is often done in conjunction with sea or air shipping.


Moving by sea takes several weeks or months, but the price is lower than moving by air. Your goods will be packed into containers at your home, and then shipped to the port of departure, where they will be loaded onto a steamship container. There they are loaded on the boat as cargo. The container will enter the Romania through the port of Constanța, where it will be unloaded and will pass through customs. Your removal company will usually help you with the customs clearance for your goods. From the port, the goods will be transported by ground to your destination.


Moving your possessions by air is a popular option, in spite of the higher price. Shipping items by air may cost more than staying at a hotel and renting a furnished apartment or buying furniture locally. Your goods are packed in heavy cardboard boxes, but containers may also be used.

Airfreight costs depend either on the volume weight of the consignment or on its gross weight, and these depend on the company.


You can save money by shipping your possessions with those of other customers, an option known as "groupage". Groupage costs significantly less, but it also takes much longer. The shipment is sent to a central location warehouse, and later dispatched to your country of destination with later shipments.

If your shipment is large you may prefer direct shipping, as your goods will go directly to your final address without being retained at any warehouse.

You-pack / We-drive Service

In order to reduce the costs of the removal, and also ensure that your belongings are given the care they deserve, you can also pack your goods yourself.

The process is the following:

  • Find a company like 123 Movers or Moving Orbit. Make sure that they can move your possessions to Romania.
  • They will deliver a moving truck or storage container to your house, so you can pack at your pace.
  • Packing done, the company will pick up the truck or container.
  • The company moves the truck or container to the destination.
  • You unload the truck yourself and move into your new home.

The company picks up the container or truck and moves it to the next destination.

Finding a Reputable Shipping Company

In finding the right company to assist you with your move, make sure you get feedback from people who have used that company. You can do this by reading online reviews, on sites like Yelp, Qype,, or Good Migrations. Alternatively, you could speak with friends, neighbors, co-workers or acquaintances. Make contact with other expats on the EasyExpat Romania Forum.

Once you have made a short list of companies, it is best to establish face-to-face contact with them, in order to avoid common scams. Additionally, by setting up appointments for house visits they will be able to offer you a better estimate of the final cost.

Find out if the company will be doing the move themselves or if they will use a sub-contractor. Try to avoid hiring a broker.

It is recommended to obtain at least three written estimates. A verbal agreement is not enforceable, so make sure to have the estimate and details written down.

Compare several estimates in order to determine the real average price for your move. Only then can you decide upon which company best suits you. This will also inform you of the different conditions and clauses the different companies offer and can allow you to negotiate with the company of your choice.

Use the Recommended Service Partner tool below to compare prices and receive free quotes.

Update 24/04/2017

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