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Prepare for your Housing Search in Bucharest

A first step in preparing for a flat search in Bucharest is getting acquainted with the different areas of the city and becoming aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each. Ask fellow expats and locals, search the internet and, if you can, visit the neighbourhood yourself.

Additionally, before beginning your actual search it is good to establish clearly what your expectations are.

  • How big do you want the apartment to be? A studio? A two bedroom flat? Keep in mind that in real estate announcements in Romania the living room is included in the room count. For example, a flat advertised as having "two rooms", can be used either as a two-bedroom flat with no living room, or as a one-bedroom flat with a living room. If you need a two-bedroom flat with a living room you should search for an apartment with three rooms.
  • What is your price range for that size? How much are you willing to pay? Note that in Romania utilities are not included in the rent and are usually paid separately by the tenant. The amount varies greatly from summer to winter, and depends on the type of heating of the flat.
  • Do you want a furnished or unfurnished flat?
  • Where do you want the apartment to be? Close to work? In a residential area popular with expats?

Flatsharing in Bucharest

Flatsharing enables you to save money while at the same time meeting locals and living in an established home. A room in an apartment with other people that is not extremely far from the centre typically costs 100-150 euro, including utilities.

In order to find a flatshare, you can search on classifieds' websites such as Cautcoleg or Anuntul. Note that although signing a formal lease in this situation is not common practice in Romania, it is advisable to have a written contract before you move in. It is also good to meet with all your future flatmates before making a decision and establish the expectations and boundaries of each.

Short-term Accommodation in Bucharest

Short-term accommodation allows you and your family to settle in a cosy environment while you search for a long-term home in Bucharest. It is usually more affordable than staying in a hotel, while offering the privacy that hostels don't.

Apartments for short-term rent can be found on international sites such as Airbnb, but also on local websites. Among the reputable providers of short-term accommodation in Bucharest are:

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Recommended Service Partners

Online marketplace for mid-long term accommodation

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Uniplaces is an online marketplace for booking mid-long term accommodation with thousands of verified properties.

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