Landline phone in Doha


It is more common to have a cellular/mobile phone in Qatar than a landline (2 million to 306,000).

The number for directory assistance (operator) in Doha is 180. You can also call local telephone assistance and make international calls by dialing 111.

Calls between landline phones in Qatar are free.

Dialing in Qatar

To Call Qatar Internationally

The country code for Qatar is 974. To call Qatar internationally, dial your country's exit code (e.g. this is 011 for the US and 00 from the UK) + Qatar's country code (974) + the 8-digit local phone number (XX XXX XXX).

Calling within Qatar

Phone numbers in Qatar follow an eight-digit format. Cellular numbers begin with 33, 55, 66 or 77.

Landlines begin with 44.

Telephone Providers in Qatar

Ooredoo and Vodafone both provide landline telephone services in Qatar. Often this service is free, if bundled with television or mobile phone contracts. Calls between landline phones from the same provider are also free.


Phone: 115 for installation inquiries, +974 4438 0000 for overseas assistance, 111 for Ooredoo call centre

Vodafone Qatar

Phone: 111 for customer care, +974 7700 7111 for customer care from overseas

Telephone Installation in Qatar

Ooredoo: To subscribe to a landline service through Ooredoo, visit a Service Center with:

  • Copy of your national ID
  • Passport
  • Residence permit

Minimum landline phone contracts are for three months.

Vodafone: At the time of writing, Vodafone bundles their landline phone service with their broadband Internet service. To install broadband Internet and a landline phone through Vodafone, you must pay a one-time connection fee of QR 399 and a one-time router rental fee of QR 299. You must present:

  • Qatari ID
  • Kaharamaa ID (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation online billing service)
  • You must be the owner of or present a valid lease for the property you wish to connect

The minimum contract period through Vodafone is three months.

Phone Charges in Qatar

Ooredoo: The installation fee (paid once) through Ooredoo is QR200, and monthly service fees are QR 33. Call waiting and caller ID cost QR 50 each to set up, and QR 15 and QR 8 respectively monthly.

Vodafone: Calls are free between Vodafone numbers and 35 Dhs per minute to other Qatari landlines and 65 Dhs per minute to international numbers.

Public Phones in Qatar

Although relatively uncommon with the increasing popularity of mobile phones, a few phone booths are still located in Doha, usually at shopping malls. You can use public phone booths in Doha by purchasing a prepaid Ooredoo card.

Prepaid phone booth cards are available in denominations of QR 10, QR 20 and QR 30 from retail outlets throughout the city. The fees for phone booth cards are: QR 0.20 for calls to Qatari landlines, QR 0.30 for calls to Qatari mobile phones. Calls to international numbers from phone booths cost QR 0.75.

Phone booth cards are valid for one year from their first use.

Phone directory: Yellow Pages Qatar

Skype, Google and other ways to connect

There are many other ways to connect to family and friends in Qatar and abroad. You can use free services such as Skype and Google Hangout to video chat online. You can also download free SMS apps such as What's App. iPhone users can iMessage free of charge when connected to WiFi. Read our full article on other ways to connect here.

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Update 24/03/2017


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