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Seasonal Job Hunting in Qatar

The industries that attract expats in Qatar include construction, education, energy, finance, media, recruitment, and tourism and hospitality. Particularly popular for summer, seasonal and short-term jobs are the construction, ESL positions and hospitality industries. For example, in a hotel you may be able to find a job in a café, restaurant, as a receptionist, etc. In the ESL (English as a Second Language) industry you may be able to find work as a teacher or as a student guide.

Teaching Foreign/English Language

There are many international schools, universities, and several ESL schools in Doha that hire English instructors (Native language or otherwise). Most of these positions require a relevant TEFL/TOSEL teaching certificate and you may inquire directly with international and ESL schools, or your TEFL/TOESL certification organization may be able to assist you. You may also be required to have several years' experience in teaching English, and may be asked to provide references.

For more details, read the full section on "Teaching English" under "How to look for work".

Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, depending on your position you may be required to be fluent in at least English, and perhaps Arabic. Additional languages are almost always considered an asset in the hospitality industry. To obtain a job in the hospitality sector, you can use industry-specific search engines, or browse specific hotel and restaurant web sites for job listings. Salaries vary from 1000 to 3000 QR monthly.

Search for Seasonal Employment Online for Qatar

To search for temporary or seasonal work in the hospitality industry, you can use:

You may also contact:

To search for jobs in the construction industry in Doha you can use:

You can also search EasyExpat's Qatar job listings.

Networking in Qatar

Networking can help you find the perfect short-term position in Doha. Talk to friends, family, and business contacts to see if they have connections in the area you would like to work.

Expat events can also be a great way to find out how other expats found work and see if their company has any openings. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedln or expat forums.

Newspaper Job Listings

Several papers have a helpful classified's section. There are job offers for executives and professionals, as well as sections dedicated to specific professions, like teaching, computers, and media.

These include:

Gulf Times

Major newspaper in Qatar. Job postings can be found in the hard copy of the newspaper.

The Guardian (UK)

UK newspaper that occasionally publishes job listings for Qatar.

Student Employment Contract

An employment contract is standard for any working environment and in the case of student or short-term work, a student employment contract may be used. This usually imposes a time-limit between a student and an employer, with the student getting a salary for his/her work. Making a formal student work contract is not mandatory (it is possible to sign a standard employee contract instead), but may have additional benefits for a student position. When discussing your contract, be sure to inquire about salary, benefits, schedule and shifts, and time off/holidays.

Discount Cards

The University of Qatar offers a discount card to students, the Campus Card, with provides discounts at over 90 outlets across the city. For more information see Qatar University.

Work Visa in Qatar

Expats who want to work in Qatar require a work permit. To obtain a work permit, an employer in Qatar must sponsor you. You must obtain a work permit before applying for a Qatar Residence Permit, which makes it necessary to find a job before moving to Qatar. Alternatively, you can come to Qatar for a temporary period to search for a job on an Entry Visa.

To apply for a work permit you must:

  • Have your educational and personal documents verified. I.e. diplomas, degrees, transcripts, marriage certificates, etc. may have to be attested by the Foreign Office in the country of issue (your home country, for example) and the Qatar embassy.
  • Pass a medical test
  • Have your fingerprints taken

Your sponsoring employer can guide you through the work permit process.

Refer to "Passport & Visa" section of the guide for full details.

Update 24/03/2017


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