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Polish employees can enjoy many additional benefits. Employee benefits can be grouped into Social Security Benefits and Private Employee Benefits. First group is financed by the mandatory deductions from employee's remuneration (see section Social Security for details) and the second one is optional and is financed by the employer.

Social Security Benefits:

  • Pension/ Disability Pension - the minimum is 39% of average monthly salary (to know more about pension system see Pensions section)
  • Survivors' Pension - payable on the death of an employee; eligible survivors are children up to age 16 (25 if student), grandchildren, siblings and other dependents under age 18, spouse (if age 50 or disabled) and parents, if employee was taking care of them before death; The pension for one survivor is 85%, plus another 5% for each additional survivor (maximum is 95%).
  • Health Care - is free for all employees, retirees, and their dependents. Beneficiaries pay for the prescribed drug according to the rules of the Health Ministry.
  • Unemployment - paid for six months to those who meet certain requirements.
  • Other benefits (including parenthood benefits, family allowances, health benefits, workmen's compensation)

Private Employee Benefits

  1. Group Life Insurance - this form of benefit is typically provided in Poland; Depending on the size of the company, certain percentages of employees must be covered; A typical policy includes a benefit equal to the sum insured in case of death of the insured.
  2. Group Pension Fund - set up only in addition to group life insurance; The pension premium is defined individually for each employee. Each employee has his/her individual account and will be paid an annuity or a lump-sum.


Maternity allowance

During maternity leave, a mother receives an allowance equal to 100% of the remuneration, which is the base for calculation of an allowance. The basis for calculation of maternity benefit for an insured employee is the monthly remuneration paid for the 12 months preceding the month in which the right to this allowance arose.

A maternity allowance is paid throughout the period of maternity leave, for 18 weeks on the occasion of the first birth, 20 weeks for each subsequent birth, and 28 weeks in the case of multiple births.

An employer will require the submission of a doctor's certificate regarding the anticipated due date (before childbirth), or an abridged copy of a child's birth certificate (after childbirth) before paying the allowance.

A father might also receive a maternity allowance if a mother dies or abandons a child. Additionally if a mother taking care of a child has used at least 14 weeks of maternity leave, she can assign the remaining part of her leave to the father.


Annual paid leave

All employees are entitled to an annual unbroken paid vacation. An annual vacation entitlement for an employee working less than 10 years is 20 days (26 days if over 10 years). An employee just starting a work attains the right, in the calendar year in which he starts work, to vacation with every month that passes. Every month he is entitled to 1/12 of the total vacation to which he is entitled after one year of work. An employee gains the right to the next vacation in each subsequent calendar year.

Update 17/04/2008


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