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Warsaw is well prepared for foreign visitors who wish to their children to study in their mother tongue. There are over 19 international schools in Warsaw. Most of them are children of diplomats and people working for multinational companies.

The most popular international schools in Warsaw are those with English as the language used in class. Most of these elementary and secondary schools rely on the British syllabus that leads up to the International Baccalaureate (IB) certificate.

In most of international schools Polish is offered only as an extracurricular subject, with no more than two to three classes per week. However most of the children quickly learn basics and understand spoken Polish because international schools frequently organize team-building trips and events involving their Polish peers.

Below are some of the biggest international schools:

American School of Warsaw
Ul. Warszawska 202,
05-520 Konstancin Jeziorna
Tel.: 0048 22 702 85 00
Fax: 0048 22 702 85 44

The British School
ul Limanowskiego 15,
02-943 Warszawa
Tel.: 0048 22 842 32 81
Fax: 0048 22 842 32 65

Willy Brandt Deutsche Schule:
ul. Radosna 24,
02-956 Warszawa
Tel.: 0048 22 642 21 31
Fax: 0048 22 642 21 31

International European School - Warsaw
ul. Wiertnicza 75,
02-952 Warszawa
Tel.: 0048 22 842 44 48
Fax: 0048 22 842 44 48

Lycee Francais de Varsovie
ul. Walecznych 4/6,
03-916 Warszawa
Tel.: 0048 22 616 54 00
Fax: 0048 22 616 53 99

For the full list of international schools click here:


Update 27/01/2020


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trilingual education in Warsaw
The International Trilingual School of Warsaw - a team of teaching institutions in three languages ​​- to choose from Polish, English, French, Spanish, Polish. ITSW is an international primary school, international kindergartens and language nurseries.



Map: Warsaw International Schools
I've saved a map on Google that shows these and other Warsaw international schools.

Blog posting with small map is here:

Map on Google is here:

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