Gas, Electricity, Water in Warsaw



Poland's electricity supply is 230 volts (50Hz), and typical (continental) European outlets are in use.

Warsaw and Poland has well developed and reliable energetic infrastructure. Polish electricity market has been completely liberalized from July 2007. It is now possible to choose any electricity provider in Poland and customers are no more dependant only on the geographically closest provider.

Depending on a provider you will get from 0.1695 up to 0.1930 kWh/PLN.

Your electricity bill consists of 4 elements:

  • license fee
  • distribution fees
  • system fees
  • electricity charge

Changing an electricity provider can lower only the last element, which is electricity charge. The license, distribution and system fees are fixed and cannot be changed. Electricity charge account for around 50% of the total bill.


Three supply systems serve Warsaw inhabitans. Wodociag Centralny (Central Water Main) is the oldest. It was built in 19th century. After many renovations, it is still functionning and providing water for more than half of Warsaw's residents. The remaining supply systems are Wodociag Praski (Praga Water Main ) and Wodociag Polnocny (Northern Water Main).


Update 17/04/2008


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