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Child care is increasingly needed in a society where both parents work. There are some options in Manila to fit your needs. Always research your options carefully before leaving your child with someone else.

It is important to find a facility that works for you and your child. Some factors to consider include:

  • Budget: It is important to know what you are able to spend to help determine where you should look. Think about the number of hours and time of day you will need someone else to care for your child to determine your total costs.
  • Language: Your child may need a dual language facility if they do not speak the native language. Many schools are dual staff and curriculum both for international children and to encourage early learning.
  • Age of Children: Choices in childcare are more limited before 3 years old, and children over 5 years old may attend public pre-school for at least half a day.
  • Service Provided: Some facilities offer occasional care or partial care (i.e. 3 days a week), while other facilities only offer full-time.
  • Proximity to home or work: This is often the deciding factor when choosing a child care facility. Consider your neighborhood or the area around your work.

When choosing a care center, also check staff turnover. Consistency in caregivers is a major benefit for your child. Make sure that you completely trust any facility or caregiver you leave your child with. This is an important element in creating a happy situation and a happy life.

Childcare Facilities

How to Find Childcare Facilities

Meeting local moms is a great way to determine availability and options. For instance, meet at a park, playground, or online forums like EasyExpat's Philippines forum and network. Also be sure to visit different care facilities to find one that works for you.


The easiest way to find a childcare service is usually to pass through an agency. Full-time nannies can either be "stay-in" (living with the family where food and accommodations are provided) or "stay-out" (with own place of residence).

The cost of a nanny is about USD 60/month. You will also need to provide the mandatory benefits as stated by law.

However, finding nannies through agencies may be more expensive due to additional fees and higher than normal rates. Most families find a nanny by word-of-mouth, letting friends and family know that they are looking. Parents may also try posting on bulletin boards at community centers or expat hang-outs.

Day Care Centers

Day care centers are run by a team of staff with activities planned for entertainment and education. This is also a place for children to make friends outside the home and learn new social skills. They are private organizations and tend to be more expensive. Rates vary and may range from PHP 350 per hour or PHP 10,000 per month. Day care centers are usually open from 9am to 5pm.

Update 9/06/2016


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