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Working Hours in Perú

The Ministerio de Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo (MTPE) states that the maximum average working week for many employees cannot exceed 48 hours. The calculation of 48 hours does not include annual leave, sick leave or maternity/adoptive/parental leave.

Nightshift is comprised between 10pm and 6am. The minimum salary of a worker at this time is S /. 1,012.50 (US $307).

The Child and Adolescent Code states that the working week for minors aged 14 will be only four hours a day or 24 hours a week, while between 15 and 17 years will be six hours a day or 36 hours a week. Work activities of minors MUST NOT affect them physically or emotionally and should allow them to study.

Time Off in Perú / Holidays

Your entitlement to annual leave or holidays is set out in legislation and in your contract of employment. Legislation gives various entitlements to leave from work. These include:

  • Annual leave
  • Public holidays
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Adoptive leave
  • Carer's leave

It is also important to note that the periods of leave provided for by legislation are the minimum entitlements only, you and your employer may agree to additional entitlements.

Public Holidays in Lima

There are 11 public holidays in Lima each year. On a public holiday, sometimes called a bank holiday, most businesses and schools close. Public transport still operates, but often with restricted schedules.

The list of public holidays each year is as follows:

  • New Year's Day - 1st January
  • Maundy Thursday – 18th April
  • Good Friday – 19th April
  • Labour Day – 1st May
  • Feast of St Peter and St Paul – 29th June
  • Independence Day – 28th and 29th July
  • Santa Rosa de Lima – 30th August
  • Battle of Angamos – 8th October
  • All Saint's Day – 1st November
  • Immaculate Conception – 8th December
  • Christmas Day – 25th December

Wages & Salaries in Perú

Since 1st January 2019, the national minimum wage for an experienced adult employee increased to 1730.34 PEN/Month (US $524,80).

An experienced adult employee for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Act is an employee who has an employment of any kind over the age of 18. However, the national minimum wage does not stop an employer from offering a higher wage.

Work Contracts in Perú

An employment contract must be made in writing and has to have two copies: one for the employee, the other for the employer. In general, contacts have to be concluded for an indefinite term, the Labour Code allows for finite term contracts only in a few cases, most notably, for seasonal or casual work, or paid public work.

The statement of terms must include the following information:

  • Full name of employer and employee
  • Address of the employer
  • Title of job or nature of work
  • Date the employment started
  • If the contract is temporary, the expected duration of the contract
  • If the contract of employment is for a fixed term, the details
  • Details of rest periods and breaks as required by law
  • Rate of pay or method of calculation of pay
  • Hours of work
  • Details of paid leave, as well as sick pay and pension (if any)
  • Period of notice to be given by employer or employee
  • Details of any collective agreements that may affect the employee's terms of employment


The length of notice you are entitled to will depend in the first place on your contract of employment. However, companies are always required to give notice of it between 6 and 30 days before it comes into effect.

You will also need to give notice of your leaving 30 days in advance.

Update 7/05/2019


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