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Regarding Decree-Law No. 25967 of the AISS National Profiles, in order to get the maximum pension and the advanced pension, a worker must have reached 65 years of age (the same for women) with at least 20 years of contribution.

For early retirement, in the case of men the minimum age is 55 years with at least 30 years of contribution; and 50 years with at least 25 years of contributions for women. The anticipated pension is reduced by 4%, for each year that is ahead of the normal retirement age of 65 (Art. 1 of Decree 25967)

Notice that there are different pension formulas for those born between 1932 and 1946 and those born after December 31, 1946.

For more information about your specific situation visit SUNAT offices:

  • Address: Av. Garcilaso de la Vega 1472, Lima 1 Peru
  • Phone: (01) 315-0730 (mobile) or 801-12-100 (landline)

Expat Pension Plans

Perú has social security arrangements with Argentina, Chile and Spain, which will allow you to combine social insurance contributions that you have paid in any of those countries with social insurance contributions that you have paid in Perú.

In 2017, Perú and the Republic of South Korea also signed a social security agreement for all their citizens. It will start being valid form 1st January 2019. The Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion of Perú is currently negotiating a Social Security Agreement with Canada.

Where to apply

Further information and claims about your Peruvian social insurance record and social welfare payments is available at:

Centro de Empleo
Address: Av. Salaverry 655, 6th Floor, Jesús María, Lima 11 Peru

Update 7/05/2019


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