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For a professional or personal interest, the study of a language is often as much an advantage as a major need for any student or international traveller. If you wish to improve your Spanish, Lima offers a big range of informal-learning possibilities and language schools.

Language Schools in Lima

It is very important that you make every effort to learn and practice Spanish. Doing so will make living in Perú a more successful and complete experience and will make it easier to meet and befriend Peruvian people. A higher standard of Spanish will also mean that you will be open to greater range of employment and training possibilities.

The majority of Spanish-as-a-foreign-language schools in Lima are private and provide students with a full package of tuition and access to their online intranet with extra exercises, especially additive.

However, we recommend you to search for a school that offers the DELE (Spanish as a foreign language Diploma) preparation programme, since your certified will be recognized worldwide.


DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles certifying the competence and mastery of the Spanish language. They are granted by Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Instituto Cervantes organizes examination sessions, while the Universidad de Salamanca (in Spain) designs the exams and it is in charge of corrections and the final evaluation of all exams.

The list of recognised schools that offers DELE's preparation programme in Lima are listed here.

Private Lessons and Schools

Private language schools in Lima also offer private Spanish lessons.

Language Exchange

An exchange partner is an excellent resource for practicing a new language with a native speaker. As an added bonus, language exchange partners can help you understand the culture of the area and inform you of local happenings. In the best-case sceneries, an exchange partner is not only your ambassador, but a friend.

However, Lima has not introduced language exchange as a common group activity. You may set up something individually on pages like and schedule meetings online.

If you are looking for someone to meet physically and practise your language skills "one to one", you can find your tandem partner through EasyExpat's forums.

Tips on Improving Spanish in Peru

In addition to attending Spanish language classes, there are a number of things you can do yourself to help improve your Spanish:

  • Read Spanish language magazines and newspapers.
  • Many websites offer free Spanish language resources.
  • Another website offering free online language classes is, an EU- sponsored language initiative.
  • Watch Spanish Tv programs in original version. If you watch television programmes in your mother tongue language, use Spanish subtitles whenever possible.
  • Buy a Spanish dictionary so you can look up the meaning of new words you come across on a daily basis.
  • Listen to the radio in Spanish. It is helpful to have it on in the background while you are busy at home with housework, cooking, driving, etc.
  • When you are at the shops or visiting a service provider, try to communicate with the person serving you in Spanish.
  • Join a local sports or community group so that you get an opportunity to speak Spanish while you are enjoying yourself and meeting new people.

Update 7/05/2019


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