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TV and Radio Service in Lima

Every household, business or institution in Perú with a television is capable of receiving a television signal (using an aerial, satellite dish, cable or other means). Public service broadcasting in Perú (not cable TV) means comprehensive radio and television services that are free to transmit programmes that entertain, educates, inform and cater for all members of the community, providing news and current affairs programmes.

Tv Channels

There are plenty of Tv channels in Perú (depending on the area you are located). Between the most important ones that are broadcasted in Lima, we can highlight:

  • Frecuencia Latina (Frecuency, video: 55.25Mhz audio: 59.75Mhz) - Also know as Channel 2 mainly broadcasts news, reports, great biographies of Peruvian personalities, soap operas and animated series.
  • América Televisión (Frecuency, video: 67.25Mhz audio: 71.75Mhz) — America TV or Channel 4 is very popular with broadcasting its daily morning shows, soaps and reality shows.
  • Panamericana Televisión (Frecuency, video: 77.25Mhz audio: 81.75Mhz)— Also known as Channel 5, Panamericana TV broadcasts news, sports, documentaries, talk and reality shows and, of course, popular soaps.
  • TV Perú — TV Perú or Channel 7 is well known for its morning news program and information about happenings in the Peruvian congress. The national channel devotes its programs to spreading Peruvian culture by airing music, culture, art and folklore from all Peruvian regions.
  • Canal N – Canal N or Channel 8 was founded in 1999 and it is a 24h news channel
  • ATV — ATV or Channel 9 is a very popular channel in Perú broadcasting foreign movies, miniseries, telenovelas and soaps.
  • Canal RPP:RPP TV broadcasts national and international news

Cable TV

There are three major cable providers in Perú:


There are many different options for accessing the Internet from your home. Common methods of Internet access by users include:

  • Dial-up with a computer modem via a telephone line
  • Broadband over designated cables
  • Wireless connections using Wi-Fi, satellite and mobile phone technology.

The option you choose can depend on cost, connection speed, quality of connection and whether a service is available in your area.


The main Peruvian broadband providers are:

WiFi in Lima

WiFi is offered around the city for free and it is available 24/7 at various hotspots. For example, you find numerous public places with free Wi-Fi around big shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, especially in Miraflores and San Isidro. All Starbucks and hotels/hotels also offer Wi-Fi service, most are free, but at some places you will be charged.

At Jorge Chavez International Airport you have free Wi-Fi at the waiting hall, at the VIP lounge, at Perú Plaza (food court) and at the national and international departure hall.

Other public places with free Wi-Fi include some parks like Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, the Municipality in Miraflores on Av. Larco (at the waiting hall and library), Parque de la Amistad at the corner of Av. Benavides and Caminos del Inca in Surco, and parts of the district of Magdalena del Mar.

Internet Café

In Perú, many people do not own their own computer or have Internet access at home (unless it is on their mobile phone).

However, you can find Internet cafes everywhere in Lima. Size, equipment and speed differ from location to location. But all Internet cafes offer at least moderate fast Internet access and national and international calls via Skype.

Better ones provide additional services like printing, scanning, CD / DVD copying and instant messaging. Prices are very reasonable and are set around US$ 1 per hour.

Update 7/05/2019


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