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When shopping for a telephone provider, it is important to compare terms and conditions. For example, consider prices for line rental and calls.

Before changing contracts, know the specific terms and conditions of your current contract so that you can compare them to the terms and conditions of a new contract. Review recent telephone bills to understand your usage and needs. You should ask each operator to provide you with a printed price list in order to check and compare tariffs.


Peruvian phone numbers are composed of 8 numbers for mobile phones and 9 numbers for landline phones, and they are usually presented in this format: xx-xxx-xxxx.

Calling within Perú

  • If you call between two mobile phones or from a landline phone to a mobile number, you dial its 9-digit number.
  • If you want to call between landline phones or from a mobile number to a landline phone, you will need to dial 0 + the local code number + the landline number.

Example: 0 + 1 (Lima area) + 241 0590 (phone number)

Lima Area Codes:

  • 41 – Amazonas (Bagua, Bagua, Bongará, Chachapoyas, Condorcanqui, Luya, Rodríguez de Mendoza, Utcubamba)    
  • 43 – Ancash (Aija, Cabana, Caraz, Carhuaz, Casma, Chacas, Chimbote, Chiquián, Corongo, Huaraz, Huari, Huarmey, Llamellin, Ocros, Piscobamba, Pomabamba, Recuay, San Luis, Sihuas, Yungay)
  • 83 – Apurimac (Abancay, Andahuaylas, Antabamba, Aymaraes, Chincheros, Cotabambas, Grau)
  • 54 – Arequipa (Arequipa, Camaná, Caravelí, Castilla, Caylloma, Condesuyos, Islay, La Unión)
  • 66 – Ayacucho (Cangallo, Huamanga, Huancasancos, Huanta, La Mar, Lucanas, Parinacochas, Páucar del Sarasara, Sucre, Víctor Fajardo, Vilcashuamán)
  • 76 – Cajamarca (Cajabamba, Cajamarca, Celendín, Chota, Contumazá, Cutervo, Hualgayoc, Jaén, San Ignacio, San Marcos, San Miguel, San Pablo, Santa Cruz)
  • 1 – Callao y Lima (Barranca, Cajatambo, Canta, Cañete, Huaral, Huarochirí, Huaura, Lima, Oyón, Yauyos            )
  • 84 – Cusco (Acomayo, Anta, Calca, Canas, Canchis, Chumbivilcas, Cuzco, Espinar, La Convención, Paruro, Paucartambo, Quispicanchi, Urubamba)
  • 67 – Huancavelica (Acobamba, Angaraes, Castrovirreyna, Churcampa, Huancavelica, Huaytará, Tayacaja)
  • 62 – Huanuco (Ambo, Dos de Mayo, Huacaybamba, Huamalíes, Huánuco, Lauricocha, Leoncio Prado, Marañón, Pachitea, Puerto Inca, Yarowilca)
  • 56 – Ica (Chincha, Ica, Nazca, Palpa, Pisco)
  • 64 – Junín (Chanchamayo, Chupaca, Concepción, Huancayo, Jauja, Junín, Satipo, Tarma, Yauli)
  • 44 - La Libertad (Ascope, Bolívar, Chepén, Gran Chimú, Julcán, Otuzco, Pacasmayo, Pataz, Sánchez Carrión, Santiago de Chuco, Trujillo, Virú          )
  • 74 - Lambayeque (Chiclayo, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque)
  • 65 – Loreto (Alto Amazonas, Datem del Marañón, Loreto, Mariscal Ramón Castilla, Maynas, Putumayo, Requena, Ucayali)
  • 82 - Madre de Dios (Manu, Tahuamanu, Tambopata)
  • 53 – Moquegua (General Sánchez Cerro, Ilo, Mariscal Nieto)
  • 63 – Pasco (Daniel A. Carrión, Oxapampa, Pasco)
  • 73 – Piura (Ayabaca, Huancabamba, Morropón, Paita, Piura, Sechura, Sullana, Talara)
  • 51 – Puno (Azángaro, Carabaya, Chucuito, El Collao, Huancané, Lampa, Melgar, Moho, Puno, San Antonio de Putina, San Román, Sandia, Yunguyo)
  • 42 - San Martín (Bellavista, El Dorado, Huallaga, Lamas, Mariscal Cáceres, Moyobamba, Picota, Rioja, San Martín, Tocache)
  • 52 – Tacna (Candarave, Jorge Basadre, Tacna, Tarata)
  • 72 – Tumbes (Contralmirante Villar, Tumbes, Zarumilla
  • 61 – Ucayali (Atalaya, Coronel Portillo, Padre Abad, Purús)

To Call Internationally from Perú

To call abroad from Perú, dial 00 + country code + number

To Call Perú Internationally

The country code for Perú is 51.
Dial 00 + 51 (country code) + area code (described above) + number
Example: +51 84 615 7800 – To call to Cusco

Phone Installation in Perú

The majority of buildings already have the necessary infrastructure for a phone line in place. Therefore all you have to do is select your favourite provider, contact them, and arrange a date for installation. In case there are problems with the infrastructure, the provider will offer to assist you further by offering suitable alternative solutions.

The majority of providers offer service packages that, in addition to a phone line, also include an Internet connection and satellite TV.

Public Phones in Perú

Payphones are still relatively widely available and all of them accept coins (only some accept credit cards). It should be noted that because of the very high levels of penetration of mobile phones in Perú, the major phone companies are progressively withdrawing pay phones and are only maintaining them where they are legally obliged to do so under the terms of their license. For example, in some departments of Central Perú where signal is very limited and its population does not have access to mobile phone networks.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are popular and provide a simple way for calling within Perú and internationally, sending SMS and using mobile Internet. Prepaid cards can be bought (as well as topped up) in most stores and kiosks, post offices and gas stations.

All main telephone companies that you can find in Perú offer prepaid cards/contracts. Click on the following links to read all detailed information about this kind of contracts in each company.

Skype, Google and other ways to connect

There is an increasing amount of good quality online and mobile services that provide opportunities for calling and sending messages free of charge. For more information take a look at our article Expats Connect: Skype and Other Services.

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Update 7/05/2019


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