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Internship in Lima

Internships are an excellent tool for advancing your skills in a field of interest. In Perú, those who join internships or volunteer positions are either because it is necessary in order to complete their studies or due to personal interest and willingness to highlight their skills and get a first experience at work /helping in a non-profit organization.

These internship positions help young adults find a career path, test their aptitude for certain kinds of work and further develop their resume or CV. Internships are almost always unpaid.

To secure an internship aboard, it may be necessary to find a company that sets-up the internship. Internships are commonly set-up through a university for its students. That said, you could also try to establish direct contact with companies of your interest.

Internships are offered by all sizes companies and in virtually all industries. Once you have decided on the spheres of work that interest you, you can proceed in three ways. First, you can use an online search engine for finding a suitable internship (see more in the next section). Second, you can use the Internet to find relevant businesses and contact them directly, inquiring whether they accept international interns or if they have international subsidiaries where they can send you for an internship directly from your country. Third, you can use the services of a company in your country that sets up internships abroad, or use the student services of your university.

Search for Internships Online

The best online search engines for finding an internship in Lima and abroad are the following ones:


EU Programme Leonardo da Vinci has been closed to new applications and has been replaced by Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ is the new EU funding programme for education, training, youth and sport. The programme combines previous funding programmes in the sector including the Lifelong Learning Programme (Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus, Grundtvig and Transversal Programmes), Youth in Action, Jean Monnet, Tempus and Erasmus Mundus.

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for participants who include students and education staff, to study, train, get work experience and volunteer abroad. In addition to providing grants for individuals, Erasmus+ supports transnational partnerships among education, training and youth institutions and organisations.

The main aims of Erasmus+ are to:

  • Help young people to acquire additional skills through studying and training abroad
  • Enhance teaching quality in the EU and beyond
  • Support member states and partner countries in modernising their education and vocational training systems
  • Promote youth participation in society
  • Support teaching and research on European integration
  • Support European grass-roots sport


Several papers have a helpful classified's section. These include:


Sometimes getting a job is about knowing the right people. Talk to friends, family, and business contacts to see if they have connections in the area you would like to work. Expat events can also be a great way to find out how other expats found work and see if their company has any openings. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln or expat forums.

Work Visas & Permits

You can travel to Perú with your working place already assigned. However, if you first want to travel to the country as a tourist to settle down before you look for a working position, you can also do than before your tourist visa expires.

In this case, you will need to present some documents to the National Superintendence: Original and copy of current passport and the Andean Migration Card (TAM), the payment in the Banco de la Nación for the permit (S16 – US$5) and the Migratory Quality Visa Change - F004 property filled in, in order to change your visa status into resident/worker, etc.

Please refer to "Passport & Visa" section of the guide for full details.

Insurance Abroad

Wherever you go, it is recommended that you take out travel insurance with you as it covers any event that might occur when you are abroad. Many volunteer programs already handle visa arrangements and include insurance coverage in their program fees or as part of their compensation. If they do not, compare around for rates and coverage before contracting any Healthcare & Medical Insurance.

Consult the section on "International Healthcare & Medical Insurance" to find out more about your options or compare companies on our services site, Expat-Quotes, for example:

  • Coverworks Worldwide Travel Insurance: Coverworks Travel Insurance was established to specialise in providing dependable and affordable cover both for the backpacker and for the independent traveller
  • Insure & Go: Cheap cover online for gap years & backpacking, skiing, adventure travel, single trips & annual travel
  • Go Travel Insurance

You might also look at our other articles on Summer Jobs and Internship abroad on the left column of this page for other opportunities.

Update 7/05/2019


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