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How to find a General Practitioner, doctor, physician in Lima

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Doctors in Lima

General Practitioners (GPs) are family doctors. They are often called doctors or el médico /  la médica in Spanish. Many doctors also speak English, but many of the staff do not.

Doctors provide referrals to more specialised doctors called consultants. You cannot see a consultant for the first time without a referral. Some GPs will also call to your home if you are sick.

Consultations are inexpensive. Expect to pay at least 80 Soles for the initial consultation and follow-up. It is typical to pay for your exam before being seen. Treatments, medications, and specialists are an additional fee.

Dentists in Lima

Perú has become a top destination for dental tourism. The country offers inexpensive, easily accessible, dental services for locals and foreigners. There are both preventive, restorative and cosmetic services, as well as orthodontics and implantology. To ensure that the dentists are accredited, consult the directory of Official Deontological School of Perú.

To get the complete list of deontological centres in Lima, organized by districts, visit Dentistas del Perú.

Update 7/05/2019


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