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Cost of Living

New migrants usually find that New Zealand offers a better balance between cost of living and lifestyle than they had before. Groceries are reasonable but if you wish to purchase anything from outside the country, the price is inflated due to a high import tax.

An example of prices in New Zealand dollars:

  • Supermarket per week : NZ$65.00
  • Big Mac: NZ$4.45
  • Movie ticket: NZ$16
  • Pair of jeans: NZ$80-200
  • Litre of petrol: NZ $1.55
    (Prices fluctuate) New Zealand uses the metric system so a US gallon is just over 3.5 litres. Currently, the price for a litre is around NZ$1.55 so a gallon would be around NZ$5.425 but prices do fluctuate. In New Zealand, gas is a slang word for petrol.
  • Round of golf - 18 holes: NZ$20-100

How to find an accommodation in Auckland

Housing prices in New Zealand are often found to be more reasonable than in many parts of Asia, Europe and North America. Much of Auckland is dominated by a very suburban style of building as the city is more of a sprawling metropolis then one that is upwardly growing. Aucklanders are still able to live in single-family dwellings similar to the rest of the New Zealand population, although lot sizes are smaller. Because of this, the city has a very low population density. Aucklanders' housing preferences resulting from a lack of high-density apartments and poor public transport has resulted in a reliance on motor vehicles.

In some areas, the Victorian villas are being increasingly torn down to make way for large plaster mansions with tennis courts and swimming pools. The demolition of the older properties is being combated by the Auckland City Council passing laws that cover heritage suburbs or streets. Auckland has been described as having 'the most extensive range of timbered housing with its classical details and mouldings in the world', many of them Victorian-Edwardian style houses.

To get the area you want for a price you can live with a simple formula may be employed. Divide your monthly income (after tax) income by three. Not much more then a third of your income should go to rent to insure that you can pay for the cost of living. If this figure doesn't net you the desired lifestyle you still have options. Make more money, consider a different neighborhood, or consider a different living arrangement by taking a roommate.

There are many different methods of finding housing in Auckland.

Here are a couple of options:

BROKER: If you are arranging a rental from out-of-town, or have more money then time, using a real estate broker can be a pain-free way of getting the job done. A broker is responsible for finding apartments that fit your criteria and making appointments to fit your schedule. This convenience has a price, usually one can expect to pay about a half month's rent as a fee, but this varies and it is recommended to shop around before selecting a broker. If you are employed with a company they may have a broker they work with and you may be able to use them by contacting your human resources department to use the broker your company uses. Pay attention to reviews by former customers to make sure you get your money's worth.

ON-LINE LISTING: There are a variety of on-line forums and community listings in which people will list their places or larger companies offer their apartments. Some examples are:,, and


An important trait in any roommate situation is having boundaries and a clear understanding of what each roommate requires. To protect yourself against potential problems should the worst happen, try to arrange it so that your roommates co-sign the lease. This makes all the roommates responsible for whatever happens to the property. If the worst was to happen, such as your roommate losing their job and not being able to pay rent, they will be held financially responsible- not you.

Here are other places where you might find a roommate:,


Nomads Fat Camel Auckland
Offering comfortable as well as high quality budget accommodation, Nomads Fat Camel is designed for backpackers and travelers who desire a pleasant stay, in the heart of Auckland City. NZD $70.

BK Hostel
Our central location Hostel has been rebuilt Dec. 2003 with large windows in most rooms. We guarantee clean, comfortable secure and safe accommodation. Enjoy your stay in Auckland!

The Brown Kiwi
A cosy travelers hostel offering you warmth, hospitality and local character. "Home-away-from-Home", see our Hostellers Comments. Come and experience our peaceful garden and maybe enjoy a drink from reception. We are just a two minute stroll from Auckland's premier Ponsonby Road with some of the best cafe's, restaurants and clubs in the city.

City Garden Lodge
For people who like to be in the centre of things without heavy traffic outside, this is the real backpackers' experience in one of Auckland's oldest residential areas, full of historic architecture and character. Located in Parnell on the fringe of Auckland's business centre with not a high rise or apartment building in sight, City Garden Lodge Backpackers has the city's finest restaurants, cafes, art galleries and upmarket shopping all within easy walking. Next door to Auckland's largest city park with its museum and twice daily Maori concert performances—and with "Vector Arena" Auckland's newest concert venue and sports stadium just 20 minutes walk away.

Update 6/12/2009


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